Olive Crown Awards 2022: Centrick bags Green Campaign of the Year award

Gold winners include Centrick (three), Shreerang Charitable Trust (two), Chirag Rural Development, Madison BMB, Ogilvy, Reliance Industries, Skrap Waste Management Solutions and Tata Power Company.

02 May 2022 | By PrintWeek Team

The India Chapter of the International Advertising Association (IAA) hosted the 12th edition of the Olive Crown Awards 2022 on 28 April in Mumbai.    

Centrick Marketing Solutions won the most Gold Crowns on the night. The wins included Gold in the 'Green Campaign of the Year' for the campaign 'Mother Nature Says Hello' for Kirloskar. The entry also won a Gold each in the 'Digital' and 'Events' category.  

Sreerang Charitable Trust was the most awarded entrant. It won two Gold and four Silver Crowns. The Gold wins were for 'Vitthal is the Environment. Environment is the Vitthal' in the 'Press - Services' and 'TVC - Services' category.  

Reliance Industries won Gold in the 'Green Brand of the Year' category for 'Stories of Sustainability'.  

Madison BMB's 'Poems for Climate Change' in the 'Press - Unreleased' category also won a Gold Crown.  

Ogilvy's 'Disappearing Stories' won Gold in the same category.  

Tata Power Company's 'Act for Mahseer (50 years of Conservation)' won Gold in the 'Corporate Crusader of the Year' category.  

Chirag Rural Development Foundation won Gold in the 'Green NGO of the Year' category, along with Chirag Rural Development Foundation.  

Skrap Waste Management Solutions was also a Gold winner. It bagged a Gold Crown in the 'New Age Green Initiatives' category for 'Zero Waste Film Shoot'.  

The 'Green Crusader of the Year' winner was Sadhguru, while the 'Young Green Crusader of the Year' was Harshvardhan Joshi.


Source: Campaign India