Nulith broadens its consumable portfolio

The Mumbai-based consumable specialist, Nulith has introduced a range of specialty ink from Jänecke + Schneemann (J+S). The Supra UV Offset is one it has taken up immediately.

21 Dec 2017 | By Noel D'Cunha

Nulith has been at the forefront of providing high-end solutions like Actega; Trelleborg Rollin blankets; NIK, Eckart, Toka inks; and flexo plates.

According to Suresh Shah, managing director at Nulith, there is a need for specialty ink or UV inks in India. “Specialty ink or UV inks are on the minds of everyone these days. We, therefore, decided that we needed to add an offset ink where we could cater to the UV segment.”

The J+S inks are targeted for players in the continuous stationery and sheetfed offset printing, wet-on-dry with inter-unit drying or wet-on-wet with final drying. Run on paper, board or thermal paper, these inks are, however, not recommended for printing food packaging.

“With the Rollin blankets, we serve the newspaper industry. Most of the newspaper printing presses are today UV-equipped, where we will make inroads,” said Shah. “Besides, we have our dealer network in smaller towns, where we are guiding those printers who are looking to enter the UV segment, connecting them to UV equipment suppliers, who will be our customers.”

Some of the features of the ink, Shah said, were the ink’s stability to transfer ink and damping properties even at extremely high or low ink supply, fast curing speed, low misting and high mileage due to the optimised pigmentation, which the 170 years old J+S has been formulating.

Nulith is also strongly promoting flexo plates from China’s Lucky Graphics. Shah’s son Kaushil has been managing this part of the business, while helping him with others. “Flexo plates have been one of the performers for us, in the last year. The quality of the plates has improved since we first started supplying these plates two years ago. I will not name them, but some top flexo players in corrugation, CI or narrow-web, are using our plates,” said Kaushil.

Kaushil, clarified that while flexo plates may be its high performing product, the blankets business still remains its bread-and-butter business, though he said, “it’s more of bread then butter these days”.