Now social media accounts to lend paper a voice

Continuing its campaign to promote the cause of paper, and also to popularise the concept of Paper Day, which is celebrated on 1 August, the Federation of Paper Traders' Association (FPTA) has started a social media campaign called Voice of Paper by joining popular social media platform. Currently, Voice of Paper is active on four social media platforms — Facebook; LinkedIn; Twitter; and Instagram.

15 May 2019 | By Dibyajyoti Sarma

The accounts can be accessed at the URLs FacebookLinkedIn; Twitter; and Instagram.

According to the description available on Facebook, space gives voice to the paper’s side of the story.

“It gives us a peek into the myriad ways in which paper shapes our lives and takes us on a journey to a cleaner, greener, brighter future with paper by our side. Let us be responsible in how we use and recycle paper. Let us join the FPTA to celebrate Paper on Paper Day, 1 August 2019,” the description reads.

The initiative is a part of FPTA’s year-long campaign which will culminate with Paper Day on 1 August. According to FPTA, to achieve the goal of a National Paper Day, there is a need to involve all stakeholders in the paper industry, paper manufacturers, paper traders and paper converters, who can join hands to reach out to civil society and create awareness about the benefits of paper and its impact on the environment.

As part of the campaign, FPTA and the local associations will also arrange paper mill visits for school children. Also, it would include visits to waste paper units so that they can know how the paper industry is recycling and re-using its paper.

Last year's Paper Day saw the customised My Stamp by the Postal Department being released with the FPTA image, the Paper Day logo and the announcement of 1 August as Paper Day.

The social media campaign proposes to share interesting and informative news and views on paper on a regular basis.

One post, shared on Facebook on 7 May, reads:


“I have stood the test of time. Silent, and tireless, I’ve been with you over centuries. My presence most often is taken for granted, yet, I remain… I AM PAPER.

“Everywhere you look, you will see me. I have been privileged to occupy a consistent place in your life.

“When you were born, I certified your birth. Loads of your childhood memories were captured on me. Every aspect of your growth included me. I surrounded you through school, and college; most of your youth, and adolescence. When you were ready to go out into the world, I maintained a steadfast presence. And, as you unravelled, and travelled through the remainder of your journey, I quietly stood by and accompanied you every step of the way.

“Try as hard as you may, it is literally impossible to ignore the presence of ‘paper’. It surrounds, assists, and occupies every facet of one’s life; personal, and professional.

“Saying something like that seems rather extreme, till one takes the time to carefully ponder over it.

“Every room, every home, every workspace, every public space, EVERYWHERE!

“It is truly incredible.    

“Every person on the planet has sensed paper, at least once, every single day of their lives.

“Much has been said about it. Good, bad, ugly. A section of the world believes the notion of a paperless world. However, the impossibility of such a notion will be established in time.

“Like everything in life, the excess is always detrimental. So the use of paper efficiently and responsibly is the key to harmonious collaboration between human life and their home, the Earth.

“A toast to one of the greatest and enduring discoveries of all time. To paper.”