Noida’s Leap Digiprint installs Indigo WS6800

Noida-based Leap Digiprint has installed an HP Indigo WS6800. The new kit was installed on the shopfloor in November 2017.

18 Aug 2018 | By Rahul Kumar

The Leap Digiprint team with the HP Indigo WS6800

According to Honey Vazirani, director, Leap Digiprint, the company went for the Indigo kit as it has tied up with partners for pouches, tubes and cartons.

Vazirani and her partner Vikram Prasad bring with them their experience of working with Huhtamaki PPL for close to 25 years. “Between the two of us, our experience covers sales, marketing, new product development, operations and HR,” said Vazirani.

The new press can handle substrates from 12 to 350-370 microns for printing labels, flexible packaging, sleeves, IML, wraparound labels or folding cartons. The press also comes with an inline priming unit.

“The experience at Huhtamaki has given us a sound base in packaging technology, has helped us understand customer needs, and taught us how to run a successful business,” Vazirani said.

However, she was quick to add that though Leap is confident to leap ahead in the label market, compared to the sound financial standing of the earlier company and its dedicated customer base, Leap is starting from the scratch. “At the same time, this has made us even more determined, focused and creative,” she added.

The plan is simple, to get back into a market that they already know, but with futuristic technologies. HP Indigo fits this plan quite well,” said Vikram Prasad.

The Indigo WS6800 promises to make the business more environment-friendly, with reduced production waste, energy efficiency, and carbon-neutral manufacturing. The press has the Green Leaf Mark from Intertek, one of the world’s leading independent certification and testing companies.

“Going forward, we plan to opt for complementary, short-run technologies. We don’t see ourselves going back to conventional formats,” Prasad said.