Noida’s Hora Arts Centre installs Xeikon 3500 label press

Noida-headquartered Hora Arts Centre recently installed a Xeikon 3500 digital label press at its plant in Ranjangaon near Pune. According to Sanjay Hora of Hora Arts Centre, the investment will help the company diversify into new markets.

20 Sep 2019 | By Rahul Kumar

(l-r) Shailendar Kapoor, Shivam Hora and Ramneek Hora, Vikram Saxena, Pradeep

Hora Arts is a short-run packaging and label supplier to leading global manufacturers of white goods and electronics who have customers such as Panasonic, LG Samsung, and a large number of original equipment manufacturers.

Hora said, the investment will also ensure that the company meets tight deadlines and offers a 24/7 service.

“Because of its technical capabilities and its 20-inches width, the Xeikon 3500 digital label press is exactly what we need. It will help our assembly lines run 24/7 without a hitch and cater to each client’s specific type of label. We have done our homework, and while we are not keen to say too much before we have worked with the machine in production for a reasonable length of time, we are confident about its reliability,” Hora added.

Ramneek and Shivam Hora, who recently joined the family business, are equally enthusiastic. They see the new Xeikon installation as an adventure with many opportunities. “The machine’s capability of printing with invisible inks for brand protection and anti-counterfeiting requirements are important features for our customers,” explained Ramneek Hora. “For us, the new press also opens up an opportunity for learning, discovering and being creative. We can see innovations and new products for our existing customers and the possibility of diversification into new areas as well, for instance, wallpapers. As the press is capable of printing with food safety compliant inks, it can be used for short runs, personalized paper cups and other new products too.”

The key to the company’s continued success and growth is the immense trust of its customers, who rely on Hora Arts to deliver specialised pressure sensitive labels several times a day. To deliver short runs of high-value labels on time and with numerous variants, Hora Arts optimised its processes with many value-added and security features. These allow the production of labels with variable print features such as barcodes and security marks that uniquely identify each product and collateral throughout the manufacturing process, the supply chain and on to the consumer.

At both the Noida and Ranjangaon plants, Hora Arts uses offset, flexo, screen and digital presses to deliver high volumes of labels several times each day and night to its customers. Maximising its digital capabilities in the region, the first digital press installed at Ranjangaon is the Xeikon 3500 label press, capable of printing at 1200-dpi with variable dot density on pressure sensitive film and paper label stock up to 250-gsm at 19.2-m a minute.

With heavier stock such as 350-gsm paperboard for mono-cartons, the speed remains at 9.6-m a minute. Apart from CMYK inks, the fifth print unit of the Xeikon 3500 can be used for coating applications or for special colours, including a flat white.

The Xeikon 3500 is capable of printing heat transfer, water transfer, in-mould labels, and continuous length wallpaper materials. All of these are of interest to Hora Arts, who is looking to explore the capabilities of the new press to diversify its business, especially in the production of continuous lengths of roll-to-roll wallpaper designs.

Shailender Kapoor, plant head at Noida, is very clear about why the company purchased the Xeikon. “Frankly, this decision is based on our customers’ demand, and this was also the reason why we set up the plant in Ranjangaon years ago. We needed to replicate our digital capabilities in that region to help us supply special labels at very short notice, even on a Saturday morning or a Sunday or at any time, and to keep the customers’ assembly lines running. Hora Arts benefits from its location being in the same industrial park as its major customers,” he said.

Vikram Saxena, general manager sales at Xeikon in India, said, “We consider Hora Arts an important player in India and we are delighted to partner with their ambitious growth plans.”