Nivea-Amazon launch ready-to-ship packaging

Nivea and Amazon India have jointly unveiled a new ready-to-ship pack for Nivea Care Box, eliminating the need for a secondary/tertiary packaging used by eCommerce firms during shipment.

21 Nov 2020 | By Aultrin Vijay

The box comes with no plastic bubble wrap or tape

Skincare brand Nivea has announced that it has "taken a step towards becoming more sustainable through its packaging" by launching its first-ever eCommerce ready-to-ship pack –Nivea Care Box – partnering with Amazon India. The boxes have been designed by the in-house teams and are said to be 100% recyclable with absolutely no plastic.

A recent research conducted by Smithers has found that the eCommerce packaging market will see a 40% boost in 2020 owing to the pandemic-induced lockdown and shop closures. However, most of the packaging used during shipment is secondary or tertiary. It is also worth noting that Amazon and other similar eCommerce firms in India have pledged to eliminate the use of secondary/tertiary packaging with the help of brands, which are also finding ways to redesign their packaging, to mitigate unnecessary packaging and make the supply chain more sustainable and environment-friendly.  

"Consumers, today, are becoming more and more conscious about their environmental footprint and are looking for sustainable solutions and eco-friendly ways by which they can contribute to the planet," a press note shared with PrintWeek stated.  

Speaking about the latest initiative, Somnath Das, supply chain director - Nivea India said, “Sustainability is a big point on our 'C.A.R.E.+' agenda. Therefore, we are absolutely delighted to present Nivea Care Box that has enabled us to take a step forward in sustainable sourcing and developing alternatives that have a lesser impact on the environment... We hope that initiatives such as these influence other partners, suppliers, and vendors to provide more planet-friendly solutions.”

The Nivea Care Box has no plastic bubble wrap or tape in its packaging making it 100% recyclable. Catering to both its stakeholders – Amazon and its consumers – the packaging is 10-15% lighter in weight, as it comes straight from the brand house focusing on minimum damage and defect instances.

Nivea stated that while on one hand, no extra activity is required from Amazon such as adding the Amazon over-box and making it a complete ready-to-ship package, the consumer, on the other, will find it easier and quicker to open with a clear conscience by reducing their own plastic consumption.

Meanwhile, Mrunmay Mehta, category leader – beauty and luxury beauty, Amazon India, said, “We are glad to unveil the all-new hassle-free and environment friendly eCommerce ready-to-ship Nivea Care Box on Amazon Beauty. Nivea, one of India’s most trusted beauty and personal care brands, is working towards adopting new recyclable and sustainable packaging solutions, which is also in line with the sustainability initiatives undertaken by Amazon. As an online marketplace, Amazon's mission has always been to optimise the overall customer experience by collaborating with manufacturers worldwide to invent sustainable packaging that delights our customers."

However, in the initial phase, the Care Box will be executed on a limited number of Nivea products for a limited period before rolling out on a broader range.

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