Nippon to represent Coaso’s digital systems in India

Mumbai-based Nippon Color has been appointed as the pan-India dealer for Coaso’s UV varnish and foiling systems. The firm will be responsible to promote, distribute and offer technical assistance for equipment manufactured by China-based Coaso Technology.

13 Dec 2019 | By Aultrin Vijay

(L-r) Akshat Pardiwala of Nippon Color and Frank Xu of Coaso hold a book with cover printed on Coaso’s iCuejet 370

Coaso offers a wide range of inkjet printing presses and foiling solutions. Established in 2003, the company has 110 member staff, where 30 of them work in research and development.

In line with its entry into the Indian market, the company has introduced machines, which includes iCueJet 370 digital 2D/3D UV varnish and foiling printing systems, and iCueJet 420W, which is the roll-to-roll version for UV varnish and foiling, among others.

However, the company has bet big on the iCueJet 370, which focuses on the post-press efficiency and synergy, giving the print jobs visual effects and three-dimensional touch, with its perfect registration, stable productivity, and low-cost consumables.

Speaking to PrintWeek, Akshat Pardiwala of Nippon Color, said, “The new inline foiling technology can bring the finest and perfect foil effect at a very low cost. It can add further value to the printed products, helping the customers solve a variety of business applications and expand high-value business areas.”

“iCuejet’s ergonomic design, is intended to let operators to reach any part of the machine with ease. Its printing heads are kept in a convenient position with minimum effort for cleaning and maintenance. The ink system is designed to be replenished without any stoppage, allowing the machine to run nonstop for longer hours,” he added.


Coaso iCueJet 370 digital 2D/3D UV varnish and foiling printing system

According to Pardiwala, iCueJet is equipped with a camera system to accurately locate its registration marks before printing. Any discrepancy will be self-corrected internally by system software, which ensures optimimum production with minimum human intervention.

“Another clear advantage of iCueJet is its ability to print variable data text directly without having to go through the process of pre-processing before printing, greatly reduce preparation time especially when it comes to printing a personalise products in any large quantity,” Pardiwala said.

The machine's printing heads are manufcatured by United Kingdom's XAAR. Its printhead technology is well adopted by the industry for its reliability and performance. The printheads can produce eight different dot sizes in a single pass of printing, allowing flexibility on putting a 3D image on the printing objects.

According to Pardiwala, the iCuejet 370 can print high glossy images on conventional offset laminated stock or digital printed stock. In addition, the machine also enables highlight, glittering effects, and Braille printing, among other features.