Next-gen expectations from ink-makers during InkWeek

Chandrakant Gadhia, Rohit Badlani, Sahil Rao and Shail Patel answered a question posed by Noel D'cunha, the creator and mastermind of the five-day InkWeek show which begins today (21 March).

21 Mar 2022 | By Charmiane Alexander

Noel D'cunha said, "Inks have been an important topic. In spite of two tough years, a number of new products plus dominant technologies along with key applications has provided support to the print and packaging industry." D'cunha added, "The sessions on all five days of InkWeek will look at what's involved and what aspects must be carefully considered and any real or perceived challenges, plus the real world benefits that inks could bring to your business."

Which is why Noel D'cunha asked some of the industry's Young Turks, the question: How can ink manufacturers help you future-proof your businesses?

The first input, PrintWeek received was from Shail Patel, director, Gujarat Print Pack Publications who said, "Ink-makers can make features such as high light fastness, chemical resistance, scuff resistance, etc. standard features, rather than a separate grade of inks."

Chandrakant Gadhia of Marks Ambellage said, "Create a chain of training and ink mixing centres in all major towns of India to train people in the science of colour matching and ink mixing. It can generate a large number of employment as every printer needs to hire a trained personnel to manage inks and also help the industry improve on wastage control, consistent quality and better margins. Any company which can do this can change its game in the industry."

Pune-based Sahil Rao said, I think the ink industry is innovating a lot anyways. But in addition, if we can see more applications of metalised/speciality inks on a sheetfed offset non UV press, it will be terrific." Unbox's Rao added, "If ink manufacturers can reduce the cost to acquire high end presses in any which way."

Rohit Badlani, director of  MB Industries/UVbiz said, "The ink vendors are lagging behind in the sustainability drive. They should catch up."

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