NcFlexe displays array of flexible electronics applications at Pamex

NcFlexe (National Centre for Flexible Electronics) researches and develops flexible electronic devices using the technology of printed electronics. OLEDs, conductive ink pens, anti-counterfeiting labels for FMCG market were some of the technologies showcased at the Pamex.

20 Dec 2017 | By Sujith Ail

One of the highlights at NcFlexe stand is Transpacks, a start-up which developed the anti-counterfeiting application. It uses a patch of screen printed ink, on drying develops unique patterns which cannot be cloned. Using the Checko mobile app, one can match the pattern and verify the genuineness of the product. This technology is still in beta version and expected to make its debut soon, informed Chinmay Bapat, a senior project engineer at NcFlexe.

Bapat added, “Transpacks developed a mobile application that can work offline. All you need is a five-megapixel camera-enabled mobile device. It is probably world’s first copy-proof, mobile readable anti-counterfeiting technology for offline mode”.

Transpacks aims to eliminate the use of handguns and other appliances which are used for tracking and authentication of the product and will require just a mobile application for the authentication.


Another interesting application at NcFlexe is printed OLED, which finds application in lighting, signages and display segments, using substrates like plastics, flexible glass and metal.

Arvind Gurusekaran, project engineer at NcFlexe said, “With printed layers in OLEDs, the product cost can be lowered and at the same time throughput can be maximised. For such applications, we are working on a roll-to-roll production machine of printed electronics”.

NcFlexe will soon introduce a roll-to-roll machine for the production of printed electronics. Gurusekaran said, “Introduction of the roll-to-roll machine will enable the mimicking of continuous and large-scale production of printed electronics which is currently carried out in low volume at R&D level.”

NcFlexe has also introduced a pen for drawing circuits which can conduct electricity. The purpose of this pen is to simplify electronics prototyping. Electronic circuits can be drawn on paper and verified by connecting it to a power source.


NcFlexe is a joint initiative by Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology (Government of India) and IIT Kanpur.