Navi Mumbai-based Colors to tap more market segments

Colors, a specialised ink matching centre based out of Navi Mumbai, is set to cover broader markets such as digital, hybrid and LED in the near future.

22 Aug 2019 | By Aultrin Vijay

Invitation cards printed by Ahmedabad-based Image Care

The company has been offering a wide range of products such as offset spot colours, metallic shades, fluorescent colours, UV inks, varnishes, and specialty inks.

The firm was setup in 2003 under the technical guidance of Micro Inks, which is now a part of the Huber Group – Germany. Since then, Colors has been providing quality matching and specialty products to printers in and around Mumbai.

The company has its branches in Lower Parel and Vasai. It employs around 80 people and caters to different ink verticals such as specialty varnishes, screen UV, offset UV, dry offset UV, flexo UV, conventional offset, screen and tin printing. The company also manufactures tin printing inks.

Mustafa Kapadia of Colors says intricate value addition is possible by working with the designers. “We work closely with the designers on their concept. For example, one ad agency had the concept in which ink disappears after some time. So, we made a colour – red – which fades in 96 hours.”

The company currently uses water-based screen inks for packaging applications.

According to Kapadia, one of the USPs of Color is providing on-point solution to the ideas raised by printers. Currently, the firm supplies inks to as far as Guwahati from Navi Mumbai.

However, there’s one thing which impressed Kapadia the most – invitation cards printed by Ahmedabad-based Image Care. He says the cards were printed using screen UV inks, which included gloss, abrasive, fad gold, gold glitter, transparent embosses, and soft feel.”

The company uses hydraulic mixers for batches ranging from 10 to 100 kgs, and stirrers for smaller batches for its blending and mixing applications.

Kapadia has a very positive outlook for his company for the years to come. “Hopefully, we would be covering a broader market and more verticals,” he adds.

Though Colors deals with several types of inks available in the market today, Kapadia says there’s one particular ink, which is his team’s favourite – “Sensation!”