Mumbai’s JK Fine Prints gets ABG RTS sheeter

Mumbai-based JK Fine Prints, a specialist in self-adhesive label printing and an accredited label supplier to leading companies in India and overseas, recently installed an ABG RTS sheeter. The installation was facilitated by Vinsak, the exclusive distributor of ABG International in the region.

19 Apr 2021 | By Rahul Kumar

Himanshu Kapur of JK Fine Prints with the new ABG RTS sheeter

The company is run by Karan, Himanshu and Rahul Kapur. Himanshu Kapur said the company had evaluated other equipment but selected the ABG for its accuracy in the sheeting process, especially of difficult to handle filmic materials.

The RTS is a servo-driven sheeter with a guillotine style cutting action. It is available in three web widths — 330-mm, 430-mm and 530-mm —  and can cut to mark, to length or to interlabel gaps with an accuracy of +/-0.15-mm.

The standard machine is equipped with an electromagnetically braked unwind c/w 76-mm air expanding unwind mandrel, splice table with interlocked web clamps, and servo-driven infeed nip roller, guillotine cutting mechanism and a 1000-mm long shingle delivery table which has an accelerator/ jog function for batch separation. The machine is controlled via a 152-mm colour TFT touch screen HMI with multilingual operating instructions.

Optional equipment includes alternative unwind mandrel diameters, razor and slitting units c/w five sets of knives, Venturi trim extraction and a fully programmable inter-sheet waste trim function.

With a global installation base of 11,000 machines over more than 2,500 customers, ABG has long been the market leader in the label finishing business. In India, the installation base is over 150 machines, including the flagship Digicon Series 2 and 3 digital finishing, turrets, booklet makers, slitter rewinders, camera systems and turret rewinders.

Ross Hollaway, sales manager for the region, said, “We are very happy that JK Fine Prints has reinforced their relationship with ABG with the new kit. This has reinforced our teamwork in opening up a new series of equipment that the Indian label printers would find useful in expanding their product offerings.”