Mumbai Mudrak Sangh to host Round Table Conference in April 2022

Mumbai Mudrak Sangh’s signature Round Table Conference is all set to be held on 9 and 10 April 2022. This time the Mumbai Mudrak Sangh (MMS) is hosting the Round Table conference at the Radisson Blu Resort & Spa in Alibau (a coastal town, just south of Mumbai, in western India).

30 Mar 2022 | By Noel D'Cunha

MMS's Round Table Conference in 2019

The MM Round Table conference was launched in 2016, the first held as a power-lunch round table as part of the Printer’s Day celebration. “The idea of the conference was to initiate critical conversation, that that defines the future of the print industry,” said Tushar Dhote, the key coordinator of the MMS Round Table event.

And this year it is going to be no different. The theme of the MMS Round Table Conference is: Digital Print Unplugged – Digital 2022 – Thinking Sensibly About Print In An Uncertain World.

Dhote said, “The printing world has seen its highs and lows, the storm brought by the digital world, then the pandemic, has taken a toll on us. But times change, and we evolve with it. After two turbulent years, we get a chance to connect once again in person to figure out and learn the latest happenings, updates, and technological advances in our industry.”

There will be eight tables with 9-10 members on each of the tables, sharing their insights and thoughts on different topics. The eight topics, which resonates with the theme, Digital Print Unplugged, are: Digital for Packaging, Digital Mailers and Promos, Textile and Fabrics with Digital, Digital Labels and Decorative Packaging, Digital Retail and Shop-In-Shop, Work Flow Solutions, and Digital Print for Books, and Digital Embellishments.

Print experts like Manoj Mehta of UT Pack Industries, Saifee Makasarwala of Silverpoint, S Sudhish Rao of Manipal, Anil Namugade of Trigon, Amit Shah of Spectrum and Amit Kanodia of Pioneer Digital will lead the Round Tables. Two others are being finalised.

“These leading print experts will be at the helm of the eight tables and will present future trends and share pointers on business opportunities, after which the delegates will discuss and gain meaningful insights. It is also an opportunity for printers, industry experts and tech partners to network with each other; at one beautiful location.,” said Dhote. “Be there at the right table and make the most out of this opportunity.”

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