Multi Hitech notches 89 SGA installations

New Delhi-based Multi Hitech has completed 89 successful conversions of Heidelberg perfectors into straight machines in India and abroad.

15 Jan 2021 | By Aultrin Vijay

The concept and design of SGA has been patented

The process involves attaching Multi Hitech’s Straight Gripping Attachment (SGA) without any "drilling or tapping" of the original component. According to the company, SGA is a "boon for users of Heidelberg perfectors".

DK Garg, owner of Multi Hitech told PrintWeek that the company has installed 89 units of SGA as of 31 October 2020 in India and abroad. It can virtually convert a used Heidelberg perfector into a straight machine affordably. Garg first made the conversion for Adast Dominant machines in 1989.

According to Garg, SGA can be installed easily within a few hours. "The repair, maintenance or replacement of the Pincer Gripper seen in Heidelberg perfectors is expensive, time consuming and thus a burden for small- and medium-size printers. The recurring wear and tear of the Pincer Gripper leads to financial burden. SGA is an alternative to Pincer Gripper."

The concept and design has been patented (number 235761) by Multi Hitech with the Indian government. "It’s a permanent solution, which requires one working day and a single engineer to complete the process," Garg said.

 Apart from SGA, the company also manufactures print and magnetic cylinders for narrow-webs.

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