More than a third of power at Ceat factory from renewable sources

The tyre giant Ceat has a sustainability manager and the company is looking at sustainability from various points of view. In an interview with Campaign India, Arnab Banerjee, MD and CEO of Ceat, added that in the Ceat factory, more than a third of its power is now sourced from renewable sources, which are solar and wind. 

23 Aug 2023 | By PrintWeek Team

“We have adopted industry 4.0 practices to drastically reduce energy consumption. We have drastically reduced water consumption too and we are also looking at reducing plastic consumption. So these are some efforts and we have a goal of reducing our carbon footprint. We want to reduce our carbon footprint by 50% by 2030,” Banerjee said.

Ceat Tyres hosted its annual Cricket Ratings Awards Night in Mumbai on 21 August. 

Ahead of the event, talking to Campaign India, Banerjee said, “India has a vast population of middle-class and rich people and car and two-wheeler ownership is still going to increase and usage of those vehicles is going to increase. I see exciting times for the tyre industry and the tyre brands in India.”

Talking about the challenges ahead, Banerjee said, “Challenges are cyclical. Every three to five years, we have a hyperinflation of raw materials, which puts a squeeze on our margins. We have just come out of it and in the next three to five years at least, we hope to see a stable raw material scenario and strong margins. Also, there is a lot of stress on fighting climate change by using sustainable materials in the tyre.”

He added, “We use some chemicals which need to be more recycled and may be changed into more green materials. It's a challenge in the short term but we have to make the transition.”

(Source: Campaign India)

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