More than 100 printers attend Provin’s webinar

Provin Technos, the Indian representative of RMGT, Miyakoshi, Mitsubishi printing presses and other equipment related to the graphic art industry organised two 40-minute identical webinars for its customers, especially printing press users, at 2 and 5 pm on 14 April. Titled ‘Guidelines for re-opening (machine re-starting and how to make your pressroom ready in the Covid-19 times), the webinars focused on the basic precautions to be taken while restarting the press after the current lockdown is opened.

17 Apr 2020 | By Rahul Kumar

The Provin team

Total 85 RMGT machine users from all across the country attended the first session of the webinar and 45 printers attended the second session.  

The webinar was conducted by Pradeep Nandagopal, director, Provin Technos, who offered detailed guidelines for restarting the machines after the lockdown is lifted. “While nothing much happens if the press is idle for this kind of period but it is always better to take precautions as the presses might not have been prepared at the start of lockdown. So it is wise to spend a few hours before starting the press in checking these points than to land into trouble with some problem,” Nandagopal said.

The check list comes in two parts —before powering on the machine electrically and after powering on the machine. In India, we face multiple issues which are unheard of in other places like rat biting the wires. This is very common in India and this was very much emphasised in the presentation.

The check list for before power on section had details of checks to be made physically by observation and movement. It’s important to check the cylinders for any foreign objects which might damage the cylinder surface. Simple observations like this can save lot of inconvenience later.

Once all these are done, before power on, the incoming voltage and phase should be checked. After power on check points, included on taking care of compressor starting procedure, power on checking, checking the machine operation individually for all units, etc.

Special emphasis was made on the machine roller condition check and care and checking of all units ink roller on/off, imp on/off, rollers on/off movement and all the register movements to ensure very smooth start of press.

Nandagopal also asked the printers to check up/down movement of the coating unit if the printing press is a coating press since this is a very unique feature available only on RMGT presses. The presentation ended with a very important advice. “If you don’t see the current date and time or the machine counter and it displays “zero”, then don’t run the machine and contact us, we will help you immediately. We have all your data in India and in Japan too. Our production unit in Japan is under operation and the support as always is available without any interruption,” Nandagopal concluded.

Printers’ comments

Customers’ queries were answered after each session of the webinars.

Anand Limye of India Printing works, Mumbai requested Provin to provide guidelines in Hindi so that it can be shared with the shop floor employees for proper implementation.

Anil Joshi of K Joshi, Pune asked about the data loss. Nandgopal assured that Provin has the data of all its printing presses operating in India.

Tushar Dhote of Dhote Offset asked about the precautions need to be taken if printing presses are attached with UPS. Nandgopal asked him to charge the battery before switching on the press and ensure that the battery is at least 80% charged.

Alok Munot of Prabhat Printing Press, Pune asked since RMGT has a global presence, is there any case study of overseas users? Nandgopal said not yet. He added that lockdown of 20 days will not impact the machine much if the surroundings are in good condition.

Anil Kumar Singh asked about the ideal oil for rollers. Nandgopal said any lubricant oil is good enough. Even normal machine oil is useful.

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