Monotech Systems installs its third Jetsci in Bangladesh

Monotech Systems has integrated a second Jetsci YAQ high-speed inkjet imprinting solution on narrow-web offset printing machine for printing security documents at a leading press in Dhaka, Bangladesh. According to the company, the customer opted for the additional system due to increased job orders from educational institutions (OMR sheets).

24 Jul 2020 | By Rahul Kumar

“With the installation of the first Jetsci inkjet imprinting system in Bangladesh in 2018, it has opened new business avenues for our customer(s). This installation makes the total number of three systems operational in Bangladesh,” said Neeraj Thappa, assistant vice-president, international sales at Monotech Systems

This is Monotech’s second YAQ industrial high-speed inkjet system installation in Bangladesh and it has a unique print width of 324-mm. “Due to our print system being modular and versatile, we were able to build this large print-system needed by the customer. This large print system runs on the proven software system developed by the Jetsci team and is able to carry out all kinds of jobs required by the user,” Thappa added.

Jetsci products are solely represented in Bangladesh by Printech Corporation. Marvin Sardar, managing director, Printech Corporation, added: “Our customer was content with the performance and durability of his existing YAQ system. He successfully executed all his jobs with his first YAQ system and when it was time for him to expand his printing capability, Jetsci inkjet imprinting was the only option in his list. In addition to the performance of the existing YAQ system, ability to provide a 324-mm print width was the other factor that helped secure us the repeat order, which is again a first in the Bangladesh. This unique size, in combination with the speed of YAQ, will more than double the user's production and keep him ahead in the race.”

The Jetsci industrial inkjet systems have more than 250 installations across the globe.