Monotech displays digital presses at CEIF 2024

At the CEIF show, held at the Jio World Convention Centre, from 11 to 13 January, in a conversation with the PrintWeek team, Ajeet Pareek, VP sales of Monotech, says, “Very soon India will see a shift towards digital like the other European and American nations..”

24 Jan 2024 | By Disha Chakraborty

These machines have a capability to print on a substrate varying from 40-gsm to 470-gsm

Ajeet Pareek, vice president-sales, Monotech, talks about Monotech’s Pixelglow press and Monotecht’s plans for 2024 during the Consumer Electronic Imaging Fair (CEIF).
While talking to the PrintWeek team, he said, “Before Covid, people used to print for a year and then keep it in inventory. But after Covid, this scenario totally changed. Now, people print on demand.” Pareek thinks the brands learned that unnecessary inventory is not required, maybe a slight difference but if you calculate, most of your space cost and your interest costs are curtailed. He said, “Digital costs less than when you are looking at the bigger picture. And that's why the biggest hit after the pandemic is the commercial industry.” 

The company also displayed all the Ricoh series. “Earlier digital could print 10 to 100 copies, now you can print up to 500 copies into the digital domain area, which is growing . For digital printing, 500 is the new short run now,” Pareek added.

Two were flagship products for the photo industry, third is a film Ricoh Pro 7500 which is mid production with high quality. This machine adds a pink colour touch. So when you merge with the pink, the skin tone is enhanced. The cloth quality and the details of the area where the CMYK cannot read, the gamut can be increased to pink.

With this one, some of the high production printers also require high speed. Another flagship product called Ricoh Pro C9500 was being presented for the same. This machine can produce 120 papers per minute. 

These machines have a capability to print on a substrate varying from 40-gsm to 470-gsm. It  can cover publishing, packaging, and commercial photography. These machines offer 11 special colours. Pareek explained, “In the 11 colours, you have a white where you can cover label industry, packaging industry, and there is gold and silver where you can go for specialty industries and wedding card manufacturing. The machine can also print invisible ink for security printing. The basic sizes are 13 x19 with all the standard printers, and then we can print up the winner sheet up to 40 inches.” 

The third machine was Monotech’s pixelglow. The company displayed digital enhancement where the photo can be gold foiled and UV cured with the help of this machine. It allows you to print graphic communications products with tangible dimensions. It can print up to 330 x 480-mm, with material weight from 135-1,000-gsm, and thickness up to 3,000-microns (3-mm). Varnish thickness is up to 240 microns with special varnish ink.

Scodix being the fourth at display machine, Monotech has installed more than 56-60 Scodix machines till date. Pareek talked about how these presses have in house prepress softwares for workflow and management. “Here, you bring the image with the registration mark, you can load the sheets and it will register the pre-printed sheet with the where to check the UV,  once you identify the area, you can check for UV and foil coatings,” he concluded.