MM Printers installs Komori GL 37

Modinagar-based MM Printers installed a Komori GL six-colour with online coating 37-inches printing press.

24 Dec 2019 | By Rahul Kumar

Meghna Modi (centre) of MM Printers with team Komori India

The Komori GL 37 can print 15,000 sheets per hour with sheet thickness from 0.04 to 0.6-mm. Maximum sheet size of 640x940-mm accommodates a wide range of printing needs not only for publishing but also packaging printing. Equipped with evolved version of KHS-AI integrated control system for quick print start up, this press addresses the critical needs of short turnarounds, many different printed products, short runs and low cost.

The press was installed in last week of May and has already produced more than two lakh prints.

Komori Graphic Technology Centre (KGC) has provided a five-day course in basic press operation for MM Printers.

Glenn Wong, CEO, MM Printers wanted to expand the printing business. Wong said many operators are currently working on old models that do not have an experience on automation technology that is available in new presses.

The KGC centre of Japan, a world famous training centre, trained the new machine operators and ensured that the functioning of business goes smooth.

The first hurdle was to understand the technology and operating functions. “In India, there aren’t many operators who are well experienced with new packaging press like Komori Lithrone G-637. It was very important for use to learn the basics,” Wong said.

He added, “We were completely new to the Komori technology. KGC has helped us learn the basics of the press and gave us first-hand experience of the printing environment. The training started with the description of the core construction of the press, along with detailed explanation of the press functions with actual press. The course was designed in a way to provide comprehensive understanding of the press: It started with feeding sheets to thickness of the paper sheets then APC training including blanket training.”

The Komori automatic technology software is easy to grasp KHS-AI with PDC –SG then press screening and print management and CMS. The press comes with inline coater.

Komori India Service team along with Japanese engineer Takao Hirabara, who is stationed in India to provide complete support, and Naoki Shishikura from KGC, installed the press.

The Komori Graphic Technology Centre provides training to new customers so that they can run their new press. Shishikura said, “KGC provides knowledge required by customers to operate Komori press which comes with cutting edge technology. KGC provides complete support and training and enables them to run their press with highest level of printing without any difficulties in operation.