Miraj Multicolour strengthens its post-press with DGM

Udaipur-based Miraj Multicolour has opted for a DGM Technocut 1050S automatic die-cutting machine with inline stripping facility. The installation took place in January 2022.

30 Mar 2022 | By Rahul Kumar

Team Miraj with the DGM die-cutter

KG Sharma, director, Miraj Multicolour, said, “We are a growing company and are expanding well. Our design, pre-press and printing segments are fully equipped. But we needed a die-cutting machine. So we opted for the DGM based on their machine technology merits.”

This is the company’s sixth die-cutting kit and the first DGM. It has other die-cutting machines from Bobst.

The DGM Technocut 1050S automatic die-cutter is equipped with inline stripping; inline pile preparation; non-stop feeder; electric lateral pile correction; double sheet detector at feed table inlet; pull-push mechanically convertible sidelay on both OS and OOS; cutting force adjustment from PLC with cutting pressure locking and safety clutch, and all safety doors are electrically operated with sensors to avoid any accident. It is equipped with a nonstop delivery apron and waste trolley too. This CE-certified machine can run solid boards from 80 to 2000-gsm and corrugated sheets up to 4-mm thickness.

“The machine was installed in January and we are utilising it to the 100% of its capability & capacity. We are using it for both duplex and E-fluted sheets at a speed between 6000 -7500 sheets an hour.” Sharma said. 

He added that as the company is expanding, Miraj has also booked two new multicolour German sheetfed offset printing presses. Both the presses will be installed soon. “After this, we will require more post-press equipment. We will decide on it based on the performance of new machines,” Sharma said. “Fortunately, now we have all the major post-press equipment available in India as direct investment and it will be easy for us to choose the best to fulfil our needs.”

He said the new die-cutter was pending for a long time and were evaluating among all the available options and found 'DGM as the best suit to our needs". DGM India was helpful in solving our delivery issues and had supplied & installed the machine promptly and we could save time,” he added. 

Working towards the goal of Miraj to become a packaging solutions provider in a non-industrial city, the company achieved a turnover of Rs 150-crore turnover this year. It is now working towards a turnover of Rs 200-crore in the coming year from its packaging and printing business under the guidance of Madan Paliwal and Mantra Raj Paliwal, said Sharma.

Sharma added that today’s evolving problems of raw material price hike, just-in-time delivery and increase in customer demand, had made the company learn and decide capital investment based on capabilities, capacity, cost. “We are happy to choose DGM as our post-press supplier,” he said. 

He added, “We serve most of the known brands from the FMCG, garments, confectionery and snacks segments, and are a leading supplier for ice cream companies. Now, we are ISO and BRC-certified and a member of FICCI too. Human resource management is our top priority to maintain our pace of growth and expansion. We are also increasing our exports and targeting 10% of our total business for exports this year.”