Mehta Cad Cam’s Rex cutting kit notches 18 installations in India

Mehta Cad Cam has installed 18 Rex cutting machines – a high speed, stable digital cutting system (flatbed cutting plotter).

04 Feb 2022 | By Charmiane Alexander

One of Rex users, Devona Designs from Vasai East in Maharashtra, has been using the kit for producing acoustic panels and other applications using foam, among others. “The machine’s quality is very good and it is a sturdy machine. We run the machine for 20 hours a day,” said Laxmi Meditiya, owner of Devona Designs.

Rex is built with a multi-axis control system featuring two and three holders’ systems. Any two tools can be fit in two holder systems as per requirement and in three holder systems, two tools along with one spindle as a third tool can be fitted.

Besides, the company has developed 11 varieties of tools for various applications on different materials.

Rex plotters are available with or without a conveyor belt system. Though Rex kit is available in standard sizes such as 4x8ft, 6x10ft, and 8x10ft, it can also be customised to suit a service providers requirement.

Shailesh Mehta, managing director at Mehta Cad Cam, said, “It can be used to cut corrugated cardboard, solid boards, foam, rubber, fabric material, and leather among others.”

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