Megha Enterprises invests in a Revoria

Okhla-based Megha Enterprises, one of the popular digital printing enterprises in the area, has recently invested in a Fujifilm Revoria PC 1120. With the new digital press, Megha is now offering a broad range of sizes with excellent print quality for fine art, and media versatility, while optimising costs with its innovative toner out model.

26 May 2023 | By Rahul Kumar

The Fujifilm Revoria PC 1120 at Megha Enterprises

“The Revoria PC1120 is an advanced toner digital press known for its power and its spectrum of colour possibilities. It features six-colour print engine and maintains its fast-printing speed of 120-ppm, even when using all six colours,” Sri Prasad and Anuradha Dayal, proprietors, Megha Enterprises said.

They added that the machine is best suited for all kinds of commercial jobs, including books, photos and commercial works.

“It also gives us the best ROI with its combination of machine life, additional colours and a toner out model. We can see that the market is growing for CMYK + colour jobs, which enables more value to be offered in the market. Some of our existing vendors are very happy with the quality,” Prasad and Dayal said.

Accompanied by an output resolution of 2400x2400-dpi, it produces prints that are exceptionally crisp and intricately defined. This printing solution is devised with strong versatility features that support a wide range of media types and finishes accommodating various paperweights, sizes, and even banner sheets. Noteworthy features include the ability to create metallic effects with gold and silver underlay, access to pre-installed metallic colours, high-opacity white toner for printing on coloured stocks, and AI-based photo quality optimisation. It is equipped with a high-performance print server, allowing it to support a wide variety of paper stocks and providing convenient feeding and finishing options to streamline the printing process.

Koji Wada, managing director, Fujifilm India, said, “We are always at the forefront of integrating innovation and the latest advancements in the digital printing industry. We aim to provide printing machines that translate quality business to our customers and Revoria PC 1120 is equipped with the technology to aid that goal for those who want to excel in the digital printing business.”

Ajay Agarwal, CEO of Insight Print Communications, the distributor for Fujifilm India Graphic Communications Products, said, “Fujifilm Revoria PC 1120 is the only press that gives a strong ROI for both the photo segment where the volumes are less and the requirement is very high quality and in the commercial printing segment where the requirement is high volumes at a lower cost per print. It is also unique in its 10-colour option that opens up a huge opportunity with media, designs and applications.”

Priyatosh Kumar, head of division, graphic communications business, Fujifilm India, said, “There is no doubt that the way digital printing has revolutionised visual communication over the years, the transformation has been rapid with the intervention of cutting-edge technologies like AI. Revoria PC 1120 is one such game-changer in the industry which is playing a pivotal role in this advancement.  The press has opened new avenues for creativity, handling various materials, and delivering exceptional quality. We are excited about this new install at Megha and wish him success.”