Media Expo 2019: Monotech Systems launches UV printing solutions

Monotech Systems launched an array of UV printing solutions at Media Expo New Delhi 2019, which took place at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi from 6 to 8 September. The leading manufacturer and high-value equipment provider for printing and packaging industry launched Pixeljet 3218 RMO hybrid printer and Pixeljet Powerpro 3.2-m UV LED roll-to-roll printer with RICOH Gen6 printhead. The company also launched Pixeljet Rapid series which is a high quality economical digital solvent printer.

20 Sep 2019 | By Rahul Kumar

(l-r) Manoj Garg and Akash Kumar of Monotech Systems

The Pixeljet 3218 RMO is a UV hybrid printer with high-speed LED UV curable inkjet system which offers the capability of printing a large size on a rigid as well as soft media. Ideal for short- to high-level production of multiple jobs with different sizes of media, it also offers media edge-to-edge printing that eliminates the need of extra finishing step, saving time and money.

“This is a workhorse which can deliver printing speed of up to 450-sqft/hr. This printer delivers exceptional print quality on a wide variety of indoor and outdoor media, such as corrugated boards, plastics, acrylic, and glass. Foam boards, exhibition panel, wood, aluminium, MDF, PS and wide range of flexible media,” Manoj Garg, product head, wide format graphics, Monotech Systems, said.

The Pixeljet Powerpro is dedicated roll-to-roll UV LED-curable printer which comes in a six-colour and a four-colour plus white versions, handles a broad scope of flexible media for indoor and outdoor applications. It is being launched with new generation Ricoh gen-six printhead.

“The Powerpro is equipped with UV LED lamp that enables the user to print on a wide media mix and to save energy, cost and time. The four-colour plus white version stands out by its ability to print white in different modes, improving the opacity of the printed material as well as increasing colour contrast and readability,” Garg said.

Garg said, since the market is being sensitive and with various regulatory measures being initiated demand for eco-friendly printing solutions has increased. “Thus, we focused on offering solutions with UV inks, which are eco-friendly. Also, printing on various recyclable medias instead of PVC helps reduce environmental hazards,” he added.

The Pixeljet Rapid series is a high quality, economical solvent printer which comes under the variant of choices of selecting KM512 or KM512i printhead. The Rapid series is specially designed for the printers who are looking for high quality with economical budget. This machine can print with a speed of up to 105-sqmt/hr.

At the show, the company displayed exclusively printed large format 3D printed samples on BigRep super-size 3D printer which attracted the visitors. The BigRep is bringing the new era of advertising with 3D displaying instead of conventional advertising.

BigRep One is capable of printing complex designs which cannot be created by any other conventional methods can be executed by using this machine. Currently, the machine is being used for prototyping and for low production, as this segment is still niche. But the signage and OOH industry is gradually moving towards digital, which is a positive sign.

BigRep has a wide range of applications, such as soft signage, illuminated channel letter brandings, architecture and ornaments, interior décor, custom sculptures of mannequins, and point of purchase displays, among others.