Media Expo 2019: HP launches R series Latex printers

HP India has launched a hybrid Latex printer under the R series at the Media Expo 2019, Mumbai. As the R series is a hybrid wide-format printer, it’s capable of printing on rigid as well as flexible substrates.

22 Feb 2019 | By Sujith Ail

Vitesh Sharma of HP India

Vitesh Sharma of HP India said, “The R series is not only good for the traditional printers but also for the printers who want to experiment and offer new creative ideas to their customers over the usual vinyl or flex printing. The printer has the liberty to use his creativity in terms of offering new customised solutions to brands.”

Of the R series, the R2000 printer is capable of running at a maximum speed of 92-sqm/ hour and has a smart vacuum system for holding the substrate on to the bed. Substrates of width up to 2.5-m and thickness of up to 5-cm for and can load 100kgs of roll for flexible printing be easily printed on the R2000.

Another variant, R1000, has a maximum speed of 60-sqm/ hour with a printing area of 1.64-m in width.

Sharma said, “Combining the capabilities of R series, vivid colours and HP’s glossiest of white inks; one can achieve excellent quality of printing for OOH applications which can be backlit, rigid posters, corrugated boards, mirror or melamine.”

The R series has its applications in retail, decoration, window graphics, outdoor signage, and exhibitions.

Commenting on the inks used, Sharma said, “The R series work on water-based inks hence enhancing HP's commitment towards sustainability and in terms of the colour gamut, it will offer good options for our printers and for the brands."

Haresh Mehta, who was at the HP stall, said, “The stretchability of the inks printed on mediums such as corrugated boards is commendable. Generally, when a crease formed on corrugated boards, it tends to generate a crack on the print but using the samples displayed here shows no signs of cracks even after the crease.”

Sharma pointed out, “The USP of the printer is the ability to retain the texture of the substrates even after the print. The aesthetics of printing on wood, textured or gloss substrates, or be it corrugated boards are retained when printed using R series. Whereas in most of the printer generate layers of print which tend to lose the actual texture of the substrates.”

For the first time under the hybrid technology, HP is able to offer the water-based Latex inks. According to Sharma, this development has solved all the shortcomings of the older versions of the printers.’’