Media Expo 2019: Fujifilm clinch the deal for Tamil Nadu’s first Acuity LED 3200R

Calicut-based Algebra Colours have invested in the Fujifilm Acuity LED 3200R wide-format printer for its Coimbatore unit. This takes Acuity LED 3200R count to 15 across India after its launch at Media Expo Delhi 2018.

25 Feb 2019 | By Sujith Ail

The Acuity LED 3200R has a maximum print width of 3.2m with the ability to print eight colours – CMYK, light cyan, light magenta, white and clear and uses low energy LED UV inkjet printing technology.  It runs at a speed of 110 sq m/ hour when the CMYK colour combination is used.

The machine also has an additional feature – soft media kit which enables smooth transfer of print on to the fabrics, according to Fujifilm, this is a unique feature of Acuity 3200R.

Sinu Francis of Algebra Colours said, “One of the key aspects for investing in Acuity 3200R was its excellent print quality on fabrics. Since we have a good experience of using Fujifilm printer at our Calicut facility, it was evident that will be investing in a Fujifilm printer to meet the demands from the Tamil Nadu market.”

Pradipta Chowdhury of Fujifilm India said, “Acuity 3200R has been brought into the market to provide quality solutions for the printers who are into backlight signage in fabrics and also printers who want to print white on clear films. It also performs three-layer printing of colour-white-colour which enables the printer to utilise both the surfaces of the clear substrates.”

Speaking on the eco-friendly quotient of the machine, Chowdhury said, “As it is a UV printing machine, all the harmful VOCs released in the use of solvent and eco-solvent inks are eliminated. Moreover, instead of metal halide lamps, it uses LED lights for curing; this results in a very low release of heat during curing, ultimately reducing the carbon footprint of the machine.”

The machine is also capable of double-roll printing. It allows two rolls to be printed simultaneously, resulting in maximum utilisation and doubling the production capacity.

Algebra Colours is a seven-year-old branding and event management company who are into signages, in-store, backlights, and interiors with a prominent client portfolio of Samsung, Pepsi, LG, and among others.