Media Expo 2019: Apsom unveils Roland Versa UV S-series UV-LED printer

Noida-based distributor of Roland range of printers, Apsom Infotex, has unveiled Versa UV S-series direct to substrate UV-LED flatbed and belt printer by Roland, at Media Expo 2019 in Mumbai.

01 Mar 2019 | By Abhishek Muralidharan

Nikhil Dogra(r) and Paramjeet Gill(l) of  Apsom Infotex with the new launch UV S-series printer

Nikhil Dogra, marketing manager, Apsom Infotex, said “The machine is a hybrid model, which is available in belt and flatbed format. Usually, the print height of these type of machines goes up to 60-100 mm, but in the case of Versa UV S-series, it goes up to a height of 200 mm.”

The machine is 30-inch wide and can print up to 200 mm in height, and supports media up to 10,0 kg/sqm in weight. The S-series delivers quality graphics, photographic images, textures and embossed effects onto any substrate or object, rigid or flexible.

Paramjeet Gill, product manager, Apsom Infotex, said, “The low-temperature eco-UV ink makes it ideal for large signage, POS displays, customised packaging prototypes, and interior decoration, among others. Also, the S-series runs with eco-UV ink, that enables stretching of up to 220% with no signs of peeling and cracking. “

It is a six-colour machine, available in three colour configurations, CMYK plus white plus gloss; CMYK plus white plus white; and CMYK plus gloss plus gloss.

According to Gill, the machine offers unlimited printing on both flat and roll-to-roll format, “We can attach tables in front of the printer and back side as well to provide an unlimited printing option,” said Gill.

Apart from the new launch, Apsom also highlighted VersaExpress RF-640A printer and TrueVIS VG-640 printer.

Dogra said, “There are four new printheads available for VG-640, which offers precision droplets in three sizes and a wide pass delivery of quality output and ink usage. Also, the new TrueVIS ink enables fast-drying of inks in 500cc pouches with reusable holders.”

The VG-640 comes with integrated contour cutting which includes features such as data sorting, perforated cutting and higher accuracy multiple cuts. It also comprises a remote control panel functionality which can be operated from smartphone or tablet.

The RF-640A is a wide format printer with 1,625 mm width and it offers to print up to 1440 dpi. It supports roll media up to 50kg and has very low power consumption. 

“The VersaExpress RF-640A’s design allows for low running costs and easy maintenance. It is highly efficient in both production and standby modes. It comes with a one-year RolandCare warranty,” added Gill.