Maxcess unveils new Rotometrics flexible die portfolio

Maxcess has announced the launch of its new RotoMetrics flexible die portfolio, claiming that it will set a new standard in the industry. This latest offering combines the manufacturing and operational processes of RotoMetrics, Electro Optic, and MLC Brazil, delivering tailored solutions for a diverse range of applications.

14 Jun 2024 | By Noel D'Cunha

Kiki Chosid, regional vice president of sales at Maxcess, highlighted the company's customer-centric approach in developing the new flexible dies. "We invested a lot of time in understanding our customers' most pressing converting challenges," Chosid said. "Our customers expressed the need for flexible dies engineered to address the demands of today's materials, including thinner liners, abrasive materials, inks, and the increased use of small blade spaces and intricate patterns. We also considered the requirements of the sheet-fed rotary die-cutting markets."

Chosid said Maxcess has six global manufacturing facilities with enhanced automation, technical service, and support, ensuring same-day and next-day shipping.

As part of the new portfolio, RotoMetrics, a Maxcess brand, now offers a range of solutions designed for specific application needs, surpassing the performance of universal or singular-cut offerings. The lineup includes the re-engineered SmartFlex series for paper and film applications, the Prime Series for a wider variety of paper and film applications, and the Dura Series, known for improved accuracy and longevity in complex film and abrasive applications.

RotoMetrics has also introduced specialty dies, such as the GoldLine Special for thin film liner applications and the MicroBlade for small and intricate spacing applications. These dies are engineered to work seamlessly with any press or web-converting process line, including digital, flexographic, and semi-rotary.

RotoMetrics' die-cutting solutions include enhanced automation for improved manufacturing consistency, longer-lasting chroming options, a wide inventory of raw materials, and expertise in press-side processes. "We have optimised our Electro Optic legacy patented back grinding processes for enhanced reliability and consistent cutting performance. RotoMetrics' exclusive chroming formulas and application processes offer die that can last twice as long as the competition on abrasive materials and inks. Adding RotoRepel can increase die life up to three times depending on the converted material," explained.