Mathrubhumi confirms that the newspaper it delivers is safe

The print medium has been the victim of misinformation campaigns and rumours spread on social media making the false claim that newspapers too can spread Covid-19 infection. To combat this misinformation, Malayalam newspaper Mathrubhumi has produced a Youtube video, which also aims to educate all its constituents about its unswerving commitment to their welfare.

30 Mar 2020 | By PrintWeek Team

The video depicts the company’s efforts in the hygienic production of the paper. The video showcases the hands-free, automated process of printing; and mechanised, sanitised-wrapping and bundling.

Mathrubhumi is also following strict protocol in the distribution of its newspaper. The entire transportation and handling, right up to the newspaper distribution, is done is in fumigated trucks with masked and gloved handlers.

Moreover, neither the World Health Organisation (WHO), nor India’s health ministry has issued any directives against distribution of newspapers to arrest spread of the contagion. On the contrary, both the central and state governments have lauded the role of the print industry in disseminating authentic and curated information and updates on the pandemic.

The video is available here

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