Markzware launches new conversion tool

Markzware has launched a new standalone version of its PDF previewing and conversion tool – PDFMarkz – that now works with additional page make-up packages.

11 Jun 2021 | By Aultrin Vijay

Markzware, a software company headquartered in California, has launched a new MacOS-based standalone tool – PDFMarkz. The firm said the application converts PDF documents to Adobe InDesign, QuarkXPress, Affinity Publisher, IDML and more. PDFMarkz can be downloaded from its official website.

The firm has used the know-how developed for its PDF2DTP plug-in for InDesign to create PDFMarkz, a new application for macOS which replaces the older plug-in. It allows users to preview native PDF documents and the document details.

Kursiv software, a publishing workflow consultant said, “PDFMarkz is a universal tool for pre-press. Conversion often saves hours of work. The perfect thing about this solution is that you are not tied to a publishing platform. You can freely choose how to export the document and where to open it. Professional freedom looks like this.”

The launch is the latest standalone product of the Markz line of applications. According to Markzware, PDFMarkz enables users to preview and ultimately edit native PDF documents. The preview feature is free to any macOS user and also displays vital document information. This mini “file info” is especially useful, before taking further steps with the PDF.

There are various workflow automations, giving the ability to open a PDF file in a specific application of your choice, or to automatically export PDF to IDML, and other file formats. Plus, if you work in Adobe InDesign, the product also comes equipped with scripts that you can install in the application and call PDFMarkz to do its magic, right from within InDesign.

David Dilling, who handles the India market for Markzware, said, “We sell in India via resellers, but also directly online via our website. In India customers can purchase online from”

A user can place a PDF, page-by-page in InDesign as a flattened image. When PrintWeek asked Dilling about the features of the software, he said, “PDFMarkz is going to largely be used by Adobe InDesign users who need to convert multi-page PDF documents into new layouts, with pictures, colours, styles, and live text. InDesign only ‘places’ a PDF and only one page and does not convert or give you live text. With PDFMarkz, you can convert entire, multi-page PDFs into new InDesign layouts and edit text, the entire file.”

Mary Gay Marchese, public relations, Markzware, said, “Markzware is a prominent software developer that specialises in data conversion of Desktop Publishing (DTP) applications such as Adobe InDesign, PDF, QuarkXPress, and Affinity Publisher just to name a few.”

“Markzware’s customer base for this product includes a broad range of marketing departments and graphic designers to large publishing houses and Fortune 500 entities,” Marchese added.

In a press note shared with PrintWeek, the stated, “Chuck Geschke, Adobe co-founder and PDF innovation legend, said in 2011, that Acrobat was responsible for generating ‘trillions of pages’ [of PDF files]. Today, PDFMarkz is the tool, which can ‘democratise’ the content in those trillions of PDF files, by converting them to other, more editable and creative document types.”

PDFMarkz also provides users with the ability to export individual pages or the entire document to a PNG, JPEG, TIFF or other image format types. There is also the ability to “share” parts of your PDF, such as any given page of the document, via various platforms such as email or social media. PDFMarkz also allows you to extract the text out of a PDF and save it as an RTF, TXT or HTML file.

PDFMarkz can be purchased through the PDFMarkz page on the or through authorised resellers. Pricing is USD 199 for a 12-month subscription and USD 299 for a perpetual license.

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