Manroland Sheetfed’s World Evolution Tour arrives at Offenbach headquarters

Manroland Sheetfed is gearing up for its anticipated 2024 World Evolution Tour stop at the company headquarters in Offenbach. This open house, planned from 26 May to 7 June 2024, will be an immersive journey designed to unite print industry enthusiasts and showcase the groundbreaking technologies propelling the sector towards new heights of excellence and sustainability on a global scale.

17 May 2024 | By Rahul Kumar

At the heart of this technological revolution is the Roland 700 Evolution press

The decision to launch the World Evolution Tour in December 2023 came as Manroland Sheetfed opted out of participating in the upcoming Drupa expo. Instead, the company has chosen to focus on its own events, reflecting a shift towards more targeted and immersive experiences for its audience.

Described as “a fully immersive experience designed to unite print industry enthusiasts and highlight the latest global advancements driving excellence and sustainability in the packaging sector,” the World Evolution Tour has already held successful events in China, Japan, Poland, and Benelux, with plans for further events in other key hubs worldwide.

Strategically planned to encompass key industrial hubs spanning the United Kingdom, Europe, Asia, India, and the Americas, each stop on the tour promises to provide an in-depth exploration of the latest innovations in print technology.

At the heart of this technological revolution is the Roland 700 Evolution press, a flagship product from Manroland Sheetfed. Renowned for its precision, efficiency, and versatility, the Roland 700 Evolution press represents a pinnacle in printing technology. With advanced features and capabilities, this press is set to redefine the standards of print quality, efficiency, and sustainability.

One of the tour’s key focal points will undoubtedly be the demonstration and exploration of the Roland 700 Evolution press, where industry professionals will witness its capabilities firsthand. From its innovative automation features to its unparalleled colour management and enhanced sustainability measures, the Roland 700 Evolution press is poised to make a lasting impact on the print industry.

In addition to spotlighting the Roland 700 Evolution press, the World Evolution Tour will also delve into the realm of packaging print, a sector where Manroland Sheetfed continues to push boundaries. Packaging print plays a crucial role in the global supply chain, and Manroland’s commitment to advancing technology in this field will be a prominent highlight of the tour.

The tour will also feature the Roland 900-6 Evolution press, suitable for high-productivity packaging. The Roland 900-6 Evolution press stands as a pinnacle of printing excellence, now enhanced with groundbreaking packaging capabilities. Renowned for its precision and efficiency in commercial printing, the Roland 900 Evolution now seamlessly transitions into packaging jobs with unprecedented ease. With its advanced automation features and impeccable printing quality, this press offers a new level of versatility and productivity for packaging printers. Whether handling complex packaging designs or large-scale production runs, the Roland 900 Evolution ensures unparalleled performance, making it the ultimate choice for demanding packaging jobs.

As anticipation builds for the World Evolution Open House at Offenbach, industry enthusiasts can look forward to the release of further details, including comprehensive tour dates for other countries. This unique initiative promises to be a convergence of minds, fostering collaboration, knowledge exchange, and a shared vision for the future of print technology. Stay tuned for a transformative journey through the evolution of print with Manroland Sheetfed India's own event soon.