Manipal opts for India’s first Screen Platerite HD 8900N-Z

Manipal Technologies has strengthened its pre-press by opting for the Screen Platerite HD 8900N-Z, a thermal platesetter from TechNova. The CTP which boasts of high productivity and with speeds of up to 70 plates per hour is India’s first installation.

30 Nov 2016 | By Priya Raju

Talking about the investment, Shashi Ranjan, vice president and SBU head, Manipal Group, said, “The capability of the Platerite HD 8900N-Z device to deliver high productivity with speed of up to 70 plates/hr of size 1,030x800mm coupled with a resolution of 2,400 dpi, is what titled tilted our favour towards the machine. Further, remarkably high quality with resolutions up to 4000dpi can be achieved with fully automatic plate loading and unloading operation.”

“During operation, it reduces energy consumption by up to 43% per plate. This and a variety of other features will help us be environmentally friendly,” informed Ranjan.

Screen Platerite HD 8900N-Z

Ashootosh Deshpande, regional manager – South Asia, Screen, said, “It was after a long technical and mechanical evaluation, that the Manipal Group took this leap by deciding to install the first of its kind fastest and most advanced thermal CTP engine ever. The system will prove to be a sturdy solution, capable of repeatedly giving consistent results with high throughput.”

Deshpande said, “A single Platerite HD 8900N-Z can replace the output of multiple CTP units of A4 size 8-page or smaller plates. This makes processing easier to manage, and running costs and liquid waste are lower.”

The Platerite HD 8900N-Z uses the 1,024-channel imaging head that utilises Screen’s GLV™ technology which creates significant improvements in the optical system, producing a uniform distribution of illumination. The series can accommodate plate sizes ranging from 304x305mm up to a maximum 1,165x950mm. It comes with an optional MA-L8900 and SA-L8900 autoloader feature for automatic plate supply.

Amit Khurana of TechNova said, “Manipal Group is known for employing a wide range of pre-press and press technologies. Other than top-end thermal plates, Manipal Group has recently opted for chem-free violet plates for their Media plant.”

TechNova Imaging Systems, a representative of Screen was instrumental in installing the platesetter at Manipal. Ranjan said, “TechNova has been a vital partner and has supported us in customising solutions based on our varied needs at different locations.” In addition to this, TechNova has dedicated storage facilities and resource for Manipal Group to provide round the clock service and support.

Manipal Group is celebrating 75 years of their business. Established in 1941, Manipal Group offers a wide range of printing solutions to cater to the needs of digital, commercial, smart solutions, government, publishing, education, retail and other industries.