Malcolm Caleb Stevens RIP

Print consultant Malcom Caleb Stevens passed away on 14 January. He suffered a heart attack while he was en route to the hospital. The funeral has been scheduled for mid-week and it will follow strict Covid protocol.

17 Jan 2022 | By Charmiane Alexander

Malcolm Caleb Stevens (25 April 1955 - 14 January 2022)

Malcom Caleb Stevens was a diploma-holder from the Salesian Institute of Graphic and Arts. He joined Technova Imaging Systems in 1984 as a technical sales executive in Bengaluru. He was responsible for the business development of the entire Karnataka region.

During his tenure with Technova, he played a key role in the outreach of pre-press and pressroom products in the printing industry.

CG Ramakrishnan, CEO, TechNova Imaging Systems, said, “Malcolm was among the early Technovite technical sales experts. He was amongst the early Technova sales ambassadors responsible for generating goodwill and building trust for the TechNova brand. He served the Karnataka market well for over three decades. He was a trusted friend for a lot of Karnataka customers, such as Printers Mysore, Dina Sudar, Manipal Technologies, etc.”

Ramakrishnan added, “Malcolm was always courteous. He had an immensely endearing personality. He maintained an excellent rapport with the top management team as well as the shopfloor people with his calm and composed manner. In his passing, TechNova has lost its flag-bearer and ambassador. May his soul rest in eternal peace.”

Pune-based print consultant Nitin Wani said, “Malcolm was a cool person and a good friend. He was one of my senior colleagues while I was working in TechNova from 1989 to 1995. He was an influential and well-connected person in the South Indian printing industry. We have lost a gem of a person.”

Dr Amrutharaj Krishnan, head of Manipal Institute of Technology, said, “Malcom Stevens was a friend of our department.”

N Sabharinathan, a print consultant and a friend of Malcom Caleb Stevens, said, “He always had a futuristic vision about the technology development in the printing industry. He made an earnest effort to alert the research and development team."

Sabharinathan added, “He was able to migrate in all stages of transformations that have transpired in the pre-press and press room as well as print, publishing and packaging industry."

Besides his tenure with TechNova, Malcolm Caleb Stevens had a dedicated outlook to serve the printing industry. He built up friendships throughout the pre-press and machinery sector as he saw the industry transformed from PS plates to computer artwork and digital printers. He shared his knowledge through seminars and conducted in-house training programmes.

Malcolm Caleb Stevens had a flair for photography, wildlife expedition and bird watching. He motivated many to be inducted into wildlife and bird watching groups to facilitate their work-life balance. But what he is remembered most is, the print services he offered to many firms.

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