Madurai's Imprinta invests in Scodix

Madurai, Tamil Nadu-based Imprinta recently unveiled its latest milestone – the successful integration of the Fujifilm Revoria PC 1120 sheetfed graphic art production printer and the Scodix Ultra S-2000 digital embellishment press. The machine was supplied and installed by Insight Print Communications.

30 Aug 2023 | By Charmiane Alexander

The Scodix Ultra 2000 at Imprinta

This strategic advancement underscores Imprinta's commitment to delivering unparalleled quality and innovation, positioning them at the forefront of the industry’s evolution.

“We envision ourselves as the ultimate destination for all print requisites. Following meticulous research, we've recognised the intrinsic synergy between print and post-print processes. Distinguishing our services through value-added enhancements has emerged as our strategy. In today's fiercely competitive landscape, where brands and startups aspire to command attention, our choice of the Scodix embellishment press resonates.” Thyanesh, CEO of Imprinta, said.

“The Scodix S2000 stands as an exceptional product, seamlessly marrying high-quality embellishments with an eco-friendly approach. Its breathtaking enhancements and diverse range of applications are poised to unlock the gateway to innovation for Imprinta, propelling them into a new era of possibilities in the commercial, packaging, and publishing segment,” Ajay Aggarwal, CEO & MD at Insight Print Communications, added. 

The Scodix Ultra 2000 offers print providers the ability to embellish nine different effects on a variety of print applications. The Scodix Ultra 2000 redefines economics, quality, and productivity, to enhance with foil and spot varnish. Together, Insight and Scodix deliver a new pinnacle of digital excellence. 

“The Indian print industry has traditionally aligned itself with global standards, embracing worldwide trends that resonate with print service providers (PSPs) across the nation. However, the landscape is undergoing a transformative shift. With India's rapid growth trajectory, we are witnessing the emergence of novel trends, driven by the unique demands of Indian customers. This dynamic evolution highlights the changing game, where new PSPs are not only following but also setting trends that cater specifically to the Indian market.” Thyanesh added. 

“As solution providers and trusted advisers, our goal is to offer genuine solutions that retain customers, attract new clients, and ensure profitability for our customers. Understanding Imprinta’s needs and demands of the Southern Indian market we suggested the Scodix Ultra 2000 and we are also assisting them with product training and producing high-value jobs with the help of the Scodix support team.” George, director at Insight Print Communications, said. 

‘We are thrilled to install the first Scodix Ultra 2000 press to India at Imprinta Madurai. Insight has played an important role in this installation and I want to thank and congratulate the entire Insight team for their efforts. This installation marks the beginning of an exciting journey of Scodix in the commercial, packaging and publishing industry,” Amritpal Singh Bawa, business consultant, Scodix India, said.