Maa forays into label with an HP Indigo 6K press

Bengaluru’s commercial print specialist, Maa Printers has forayed into digital label printing with the installation of HP Indigo 6K press.

12 Nov 2021 | By Charmiane Alexander

The roll-format print equipment is complemented with a compact GM-300 (mini) finishing machine for rotary punching, coating, lamination and slitting all in the compact; and a flat bed punching machine helps, which with  punching, sheet cutting and gold foil stamping as finishing processes.

Established in 1992, Maa's journey began with offset printing, commercial and later moved into large-format printing. Sunitha Shriyan and her husband Surendra, both partners at Maa, manage the print company.

“Bengaluru is a vibrant market where people recognise quality, and the packaging industry has thrived,” said Shriyan. “It is one area we had been thinking of for the past two years. We decided labels is the business we should enter.”

According to Shriyan, Maa has a label manufacturing set-up that can produce small pouches, as well as facilitate proofing packaging products, which can avoid initial processing expenses. “We can also produce labels in short production cycles.”

Maa has been in existence for close to three decades now and has seen the printing industry transform drastically. “Work is a great experience, and every moment helps us in making the right decisions plus avoid the pitfalls,” said Shriyan, who is hedging her bets on labels, pouches and mono cartons.

Print-runs are becoming shorter by the day and consumption patterns have shifted over the last few years. “It’s our USP, and the USP of the HP Indigo 6K press, too. The print quality and consistency are assured, and so is a short turnaround time. We plan to capitalise on the same,” concluded Shriyan.

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