Ludhiana’s Dulari Digital installs MGI Jetvanish

Ludhiana-based Dulari Digital has added advanced digital finishing capabilities to its product offering and has enhanced profitability with the installation of MGI Jetvarnish 3D with Ifoil.

04 Jan 2019 | By Rahul Kumar

Aman Dulari, director, Dulari Digital, said, “The MGI Jetvarnish 3D offers cutting-edge post-printing capabilities, which have enabled us to carry out a whole new range of high-quality printing jobs.”

He said the machine has added substantial value to its printing jobs, while its high output has augmented its productivity. “With this installation, we will convert many electroplating requirements, especially for wedding album market, to UV and foiling effects. We are thankful to Konica Minolta for its support during and after the installation, which enabled us to get the equipment up and running in no time.”

Capable of variable-data print runs, from a single print to several thousand, the MGI Jetvarnish 3D is ideal for operations with offset, packaging and digital presses of up to 64x120-cm format. It delivers visually stunning, high-quality prints with 3D or traditional flat spot UV coating, and is particularly well-suited for applications such as book covers, brochures, business and invitation cards, and packaging.

Rahul Goyal of Dulari Digital, added, “We have been in the industry for the last 20 years and we wanted something to enhance our photos further. The MGI Jetvarnish has 99% gloss unit (GU) and the mirror has 100% GU. It helps make the photos shiny and attractive. Its hot gold foil is another amazing feature.”

Goyal said, with the MGI Jetvarnish, the company will focus on wedding cards, visiting cards and offset industry. The packaging industry is also on the radar, especially short-run packaging job.

Dulari has four Konica Minolta production engines along with HP Indigo 5600.

“We are working to make our business double this year. We have the capacity to produce 500 photo albums per day, and we are producing around 250,” he added.

Currently, the company is producing around 300 sheets on the Jetvarnish per day and is hoping to increase the number to 5,000 sheets.

“We print around 15,000 A3 sheets per day and the production will be three times in near future,” Goyal added.