Lucky-Tech Membrane installs HP Latex 1500

Mumbai-based Lucky-Tech Membranes, a specialist in providing solutions for smart engineered membranes, has installed a HP Latex 1500 roll-to-roll machine.

15 Jun 2022 | By Noel D'Cunha

(l-r) Jhaveri, Sumit with Insight representative

The machine was installed by Insight Print Communication, HP’s distributor for its Latex machines in India.

Punit Jhaveri, founder of Lucky-Tech, said, “We wanted to expand to the new application and unique offering with printed membranes for tensile applications, hence we moved forward with HP Latex 1500 roll-to-roll machine.”

HP Latex 1500 is a 3.2-metre roll-to-roll wide format printer with indoor high quality speed of 45 sqmt/hr. HP thermal inkjet print heads are capable of delivering print with 1,200 dpi resolution and auto nozzle replacement. The 1500 is equipped with Optical Media Advance Sensor (OMAS) for precise and accurate motion control of media advance between print and swaths. When the optimiser solution is positively charged, the ink is negatively charged. The two are attracted to each other enabling printer to reach higher image quality at higher speed. 

He added, “Being the most advance and innovative architectural and industrial membrane company, we wanted a best printing solution for our products. With our hands on experience with current HP Latex 570 for more than two years, we were pretty sure of same technology in 10-feet as our next upgrade.”

Lucky-Tech Membranes is part of Jhaveri Group established in the late 1940s by Jhaveri’s father Rajmal Jhaveri to cater to the advanced technical textile segment. Inspired by his father’s values and business, Jhaveri and his brother Sumit did intense research and have travelled across the world to get the right product for Indian market. “We aimed to transform the textile and PVC coated fabric segment, which led to foundation of Lucky-Tech,” said Jhaveri.

“We cater to the technical textile and PVC coated fabrics segment, offering products with value for money and quality through our detailed engineered solutions With the addition of the Latex 1500 machine we can now offer high value printed applications that are convenient, durable, lightweight and authentic,” said Sumit.