Low cost, recyclable toilet invented by Indian printer

Haresh Mehta, creator or converter, packaging player or interior designer, or Swachh Toilet Designer has done it again with the Loo Box.

08 Aug 2016 | By Sriraam Selvam

The Loo Box is a recyclable toilet with corrugated board.

Mehta said, “This recyclable dry toilet is ideal for elderly persons and travellers as well as a perfect tribute to the Swachh Bharat Abhiyan. The Loo Box is lightweight, it is foldable, it has an anytime, anywhere usage. And the waste can be disposed in a clean and hygienic manner.”


Known for his sumptuous rocking chairs and lamps, Mehta found fame making corrugation "sexy" and his designs have been celebrated by the biggest brands, plus international packaging awards; all created at his 10,000 sq/ft production facility in the centre of Kurla.

In 2015, Jayna worked on green burials with coffins that are eco-costly and eco-green.


Jayna has more than 200 awards to his credit in the field of packaging design and display solutions in POP. Mehta said, "Jayna Packaging will be launching its wide range of sustainable, sophisticated, and affordable style of products made from the corrugated board under the brand name of Paper Shapers.