Lovely Offset Printers: “The mantra is - Work hard. Take medium risks. Invest in technology and systems”

Lovely Offset, Sivakasi’s biggest print firm, has grabbed top honours in 2016, by picking up the Post-Press Company of the Year Award.

As per our auditors, the profit before tax at Lovely has increased by 92.01%. This is the highest in the category for the government-accredited star export house – with almost 75% of books being exported. The company, which is located on a 23-acre plot, has installed a Horauf round corner case maker and a Line O Matic ruling line, recently. Lovely Offset

20 Dec 2016 | By Priya Raju

K Selvakumar, managing director, Lovely Offset Printers

PrintWeek India (PWI): What does the Post-Press Company of the Year 2016 Award mean to you?
K Selvakumar (KS): It is a great honour for our company and a tremendous recognition for all the hard work that we have been putting up for the past several years.

PWI: What's the one thing about Lovely Offset Printers that very few people know?
KS: Lovely is a 55 year old family run company. Over the years our business has spread o over dozen countries with which we are doing business on a regular basis.

PWI: What advice would you give to a firm that wants to become like Lovely Offset Printers?
KS: Work hard. Take medium risks. And finally, invest in technology and systems.

Lovely Offset Printers (Sivakasi)

PWI: What's the best compliment you've ever received from a customer?
KS: Our customer’s regular patronage and their positive references to prospective customers is invaluable.

PWI: One thing our industry can do to cater to the new opportunities and the new market sectors?
KS: Our mantra has been to provide good quality, reasonable price and adherence to commitments. When you have your basics right, new avenues will always open for you. It has always been our customer's requirement that has pushed us towards adopting new technologies and creating new products. One needs to be open to new ideas, opportunities, and challenges on a daily basis.

PWI: What's keeping you busy at Lovely Offset Printers these days?
KS: We are in the process of implementing systems to further improve our productivity, efficiency, and quality. Currently, preparatory work for 5S is on. In the meantime, we are also gearing up for the next round of investments.