Looking back, looking forward: Natarajan Vaidyanathan

Natarajan Vaidyanathan who is the managing director of Aura Print Solutions, reminisces about print in the previous century. A timely reminder of just how eventful the past decades have been.

21 Oct 2022 | By PrintWeek Team

Natarajan Vaidyanathan

I was in TechNova when Novadom was field-tested. I must have tested close to 50 odd batches samples before the product got approved. I ran around in the Fort area and interacted with many Kutch xerox-offset printers. Also recall appointing three-four dealers.

It was hectic. It was fun.

The million tests on Swift, Multilith, AB Dick, Manugraph. DTP days ... where you kept your footwear outside.

Ironically, this experience helped me to get a job in MSL Graphics for the sale of Heidelberg. I was pitted against BE and diploma holders in printing.

Then there was the advent of PostScript. Henrik Jensen tried to make me get into the scanner and imagesetter division. But I was loyal to sheetfed offset.

I remember the Syquest tapes to store data. After which, it was CD-Rom to DVD and so on and so forth. Our industry adapted thanks to poor salesmen like me.

The next big game changer was CPC alcohol / alcolor dampening in sheetfed. That was the first phase of automation with autoplate and CIP3.

Every Drupa show augured a brand-new technology.

Panic in the print hubs and print cities across India.

No YouTube to check out.

Salesmen were ghar nu manoos

We had to provide the right gyaan and consultation and party hard in the office when the advance was received.

LC was established (by telex or fax), after the machine arrived and was installed. And the installation was celebrated by the sales and service team.

When Novadom was launched, I was 23 years old.  Now I am 60 years old.

Print technology has travelled many light years. So have I.

(Natarajan Vaidyanathan, who is the managing director of Aura Print Solutions, shared his personal parable with Dibyajyoti Sarma. We request industry pundits to share their stories with us at eMail: dibyajyoti.sarma@haymarketsac.com.)