LMAI Conference 2023: Jetsci Global to showcase the potential of digital printing

Priyanka Rathi, DGM, marketing and communications, Jetsci Global, in her presentation during the LMAI Conference 2023 will showcase digital printing as a promising technology with vast potential in the Indian market. She will emphasize on its flexibility, versatility, and capabilities to transcend the limitations of static prints into dynamic labels.

19 Jul 2023 | By Rahul Kumar

The LMAI Conference 2023 will be held on 20, 21 and 22 July in Jaipur’s Hotel Leela. The theme of the Conference 2023 is – Creativity, Innovations, Sustainability.

According to Rathi, this eco-friendly solution has garnered attention from printers, converters, and consumers alike. 

Additionally, she will briefly talk about the digital printing solutions offered by Jetsci Global.

“Our presentation will empower label printers to meet these challenges by emphasising the significance of agility and adaptability. We will showcase how consumer preferences drive market demand, creating a constant need for change. By embracing digital technologies, label printers can ensure a robust and responsive supply chain that caters to changing consumer demands from end to end, enabling shorter changeovers and interactivity while staying ahead in this dynamic industry,” she said.

As regards labellers and packagers in food and beverages, she said, the food and beverage industry's labellers and packagers must be prepared to navigate a rapidly changing market driven by evolving consumer preferences. 

“Embracing digital technologies will be crucial for brand owners to adapt proactively, personalise offerings, improve sustainability, and ensure product safety and transparency throughout the supply chain. Those who leverage these digital innovations are more likely to thrive in this dynamic and competitive landscape,” she said.