LMAI Conference 2023: Avery Dennison's Priyanka Singla to share recipe for PSL industry growth

The circular economy is a revolutionary model aiming to keep resources in use for as long as possible, transforming waste into valuable assets. Experts predict it could be worth a staggering $4.5 trillion within 15 years.

19 Jul 2023 | By Noel D'Cunha

Priyanka Singla, segment development director - LPM, South Asia for Avery Dennison

Unsurprisingly, the circular economy is gaining popularity, generating value by reducing waste and maximising product use, which challenges traditional ideas of competition.

So, what does this mean for the brands, labellers and packagers, and how is Avery Dennison helping?

During the LMAI Conference 2023 to be held in Jaipur, which opens tomorrow with a welcoming evening followed by two-day conference presentations, Avery Dennison’s segment development director - LPM, South Asia Priyanka Singla, will showcase how Avery has been designing and developing products that can enable brands to enable recycling or reuse of their packaging material.

“We are committed to promoting a circular economy, and keeping this need in mind, we have successfully developed and established a footprint with our ‘Cleanflake’ portfolio for recyclability of PET substrates and ‘WashOff’ portfolio to enable reuse in the glass bottling industry,” said Singla.

Avery also runs well-entrenched matrix and liner recycling programmes to its customers and brands, aiming to minimise waste generation in the ecosystem and facilitate the transition to a more sustainable and circular business model. “In parallel, we endeavour to keep innovating with products that revolutionise the industry in terms of sustainability- such as the AD XeroLinr DT, which has eliminated the liner waste for the user while saving substantial cost and energy along the way,” added Singla.

RFID technology has been a game-changer in product tracking and retail information. In material solutions, Singla said, with its digital portfolio, Avery offers labellers “wow” capabilities to brands – intelligent labels. “Be it the RFID/ QR code/ NFC triggered solutions through Avery’s cloud or our intelligent RFID embedded physical labels. We aim to help brand owners address counterfeit, track and trace each item in their inventory (creating efficiency in their supply chain and warehouses) and create user-friendly and exciting ‘customer engagement’ offerings.”

PrintWeek/WhatPackaging? asked Singla, how one should produce a wine label that says “buy me”? She responded, “Attaining an “X” factor on the shelf and creating a “buy me” buzz is key for brands in the wine and spirits space. Avery’s premium Wine substrates portfolio enables brands to elevate consumer engagement through packaging. Our wide range of textured portfolios helps brands create sensorial experiences and stand out on the shelves.”

Singla added, “The wine portfolio empowers brands to tell their product story better and connect with the consumer with beautiful and sustainable label solutions. To have the maximum impact, these labels enable printing with unique embellishments, foiling and artwork that can tell the brand story and create an instant connect with the consumer.”

In her presentation, Singla will explain how Avery’s digital offerings can also create labels that talk to the user and offer brands opportunities to gather real-time insights from the marketplace and create loyalty programs.