Lithopone market to reach USD 235-million by 2025

According to a recent study by Global Market Insights, the lithopone market is set to grow from its current market value of more than USD 175-million to over USD 235-million by 2025. The report said growing construction activities owing to increasing urbanisation will propel paints and coatings demand, which will further increase lithopone market size. The product, owing to its utilisation in sealing and jointing compounds is widely used in the paints and coatings industry. Increasing paints utilisation for decorative purposes will boost industry growth.

05 Aug 2019 | By PrintWeek India

The global lithopone market size from paper and pulp application is anticipated to exceed USD 25-million by 2025. The product helps to achieve high dry opacity in the pulp. It also helps improve paper porosity. Increasing paper bags demand due to plastic carry bags’ harmful environmental impact will propel paper production which will boost the market growth.

The product, owing to its strong reducing power and chemically inert nature is utilised in linoleum flooring, printing ink, paint and coatings, paper and pulp, leather, rubber, and plastics industries. Increasing industrial activities to meet the growing demand of consumer goods will fortify product demand.

Lithopone 30% market size is expected to witness significant gains at 3.0% by 2025. It comprises of 30% zinc sulphide and 70% barium sulphate. It is available in coated and uncoated forms. The product, owing to polymerisation brightener effects enhancing property, is used in plastics and polymer industry. Growing plastics demand for manufacturing electronic goods including remotes, laptops, and televisions will foster product demand hence, increasing lithopone market growth.

Titanium dioxide is utilised as a substitute due to its durable nature and high refractive index. The product is widely used in paints and coating industry. Lithopone may cause eye and skin irritation. These factors may hamper market profitability and market price trends.

The UK lithopone market size from paints and coatings application is anticipated to exceed USD 4.5-million by the end of 2025. The B3011, owing to its utilisation, in putties is used in paint and coatings industry. Putties help to smoothen the wall surface before painting. Increasing infrastructural projects and commercial construction will foster paints demand hence, amplifying the market size.

The global lithopone market size from leather application is anticipated to witness significant gains over 2.0% by 2025. The B311 functions as filler in leather sector. Rising living standards and presence of several premium leather brands, including Gucci and Versace, will stimulate product demand.

China market size from rubber application is anticipated to surpass USD 3.0-million by 2025. The product provides resistance against ageing and light in rubber products. Increasing demand of rubber from automotive industry for tires, brakes, car interiors and flooring will positively impact rubber production which may in turn increase market growth.

The lithopone market is fragmented with key industry participants, including Kremer Pigments; American Elements; VB Technochemicals; Langfang Pairs Horses Chemical; DowDuPont; and Titanos. Manufacturers are making heavy investments in R&D, and product innovation in order to cater increasing market growth.

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