Ligum discusses benefits of laser-engraved elastomeric sleeves for flexo

Exhibiting at PlastIndia 2018, Czech Republic-based Ligum, which is represented in India by Insight Communications, showcased elastomer sleeves for direct laser engraving for flexo printing applications.

24 Feb 2018 | By WhatPackaging? Team

Speaking to WhatPackaging?, Tomas Pluhar, managing director, Ligum, said, “Elastomer has distinct advantages over photopolymer namely better ink transfer and chemical resistance against solvents. Secondly, when you are working with solvent-based inks, in order to eliminate any risk of fire, it is necessary that the image carrier has full conductivity according to Atex norm. You get that with elastomer. Plus there is no limit to the thickness of sleeve that can be produced.”

In India, the adoption of direct laser-engraved sleeve technology is minuscule. However, according to Bhupendra Srivastava, sales director, Insight, as installation numbers for flexo presses, as well as laser engravers, rise, more and more converters will demand sleeves for the advantages it offers.

Ligum also showcased polyurethane mounting sleeves under the elastomer or photopolymer plates and adapters.