LCI launches protective gears with wedding card themes

Chennai-based wholesale manufacturers of wedding cards, Lakshmi Cottage Industry (LCI), has ventured into printing of protective gears with wedding card themes.

26 Jul 2020 | By Sriraam Selvam

Neralla: The reception of this idea has been better than we expected

Shashank Neralla, the company’s third-generation said, “Social distancing, wearing a face mask and maintaining personal hygiene has always been important. Hereafter, it will be the new normal. Thus, considering the current scenario, we thought of making protective gears thematic to the wedding cards we produce. And the reception of this idea has been better than we expected.”

Neralla mentioned that the thematic protective gear trend picked up quickly and they started getting enquiries with varied customisation. "We have created a few stand-alone designs focusing on all age groups such as cartoon-based masks for kids, superheroes for Gen Z and millennials and so on. We have been selling and promoting these gears on our social media pages."

In addition, LCI has included QR codes to its Augmented Reality (AR) wedding invites to provide an enhanced virtual experience. "Wedding cards set the tone and feel of your big day. So, why not jazz them up a bit with a technology makeover. Thus, we created AR cards to add a new dimension and personal touch to the invitations. AR allows you to be more creative and helps to deliver wedding details in an interactive way to your guests," he explained.

The 58-year-old company is one of the oldest producers of wedding cards in south India. LCI has equipped itself with a range of machines such as hot foil stamping kits, semi-automatic screen printers, embossing units and W+D envelope makers, among others. It boasts of its wedding cards distribution in 12 states in India under the brand name of Elcei.