Laetus introduces multifaceted blister control solution

Germany-based inline vision quality control solution provider, Laetus, has introduced a multifaceted blister packaging control solution with Polyphem wt – a colour camera system for monitoring blister machines online.

11 Apr 2020 | By WhatPackaging? Team

Polyphem wt camera system for fill inspections on blister machines

According to Laetus, Polyphem offers a range of options to control blister packaging for applications such as coloured tablets, capsules, dragees, syringes and vials or applicators. “Beyond merely checking the presence, the system reliably detects errors in colour, form, dimension and position of the contents. And also recognises contaminations, damages or overfilled pockets,” said a company press note shared with WhatPackaging?.

The 3D module of Polyphem wt uses stereoscopy to evaluate height and colour and thus detecting repeated or broken content. While, Polyphem wt Pro Twin+ allows controlling of blisters from above and below the packs, and before and after sealing. Both modules can be combined with each other.

Laetus has installed over 2,300 Polyphem wt systems across the world. “Polyphem wt inspects objects of the most diverse materials lying in blisters for errors and therefore ensures that faulty objects are reliably discharged from the production process,” the press note added.

The company has installed over 18,000 inline vision quality control and track and trace systems for more than 3,500 customers in industries such as pharmaceuticals, medical technology, cosmetics, food and FMCG.