Lactel ventures into Indian market

French milk brand Lactel has ventured into the Indian market with the launch of its ultra-high-temperature processed (UHT) toned milk in the country.

21 Nov 2020 | By WhatPackaging? Team

Lactel toned milk will be priced at Rs 70 for one litre packs

Rahul Kumar, managing director, Lactalis India, said, “UHT milk, with market size of eight lakh litres a day in the country, is currently sold at Rs 64-74 a litre. Therefore, we have priced the product at Rs 70 a litre. We would like to have a market share of 5% (30-40,000 litres a day) in the next two years in this segment."

The company claims that it is ready to position itself in the Indian market with a strong focus on high-quality products meeting French, Indian and global standards while ensuring retention of all the nutritional values in their affordably priced one-litre packs.

Founded in 1967, Lactel has its presence in more than 50 countries. The Groupe Lactalis already boasts its presence in India with dairy brands such as Thirumala, Anik and Prabhat being a part of the group. However, UHT toned milk will be the first Lactel product available in the Indian market.

Lactalis India expects a revenue of Rs 1,700 crore from Tirumala, Rs 1,400 crore from Prabhat Dairy and Rs 600 crore from Anik for the financial year 2020-21.