Labelexpo Preview: Pre-press systems

Getting on top of the dot

21 Nov 2018 | By PrintWeek India

Asahi Photoproducts | Stand M6
Water-washable flexographic plate is on the Labelexpo India agenda for debutant Asahi Photoproducts. The company along with its Indian distributor TechNova Imaging Systems will talk about the AWP family of water-washable flexo plates featuring Clean Transfer technology and its new AWP DEW plate with washout speed that is 2.5 times faster than previous plates.

DuPont Advanced Printing | Stand E10
With India poised to bring about regulations on waste and waste management, DuPont believes, the new Cyrel 2000TD solventless processor should be on every flexo users must-see list. DuPont and Esko will jointly exhibit a complete solution for flexo platemaking, which includes the Cyrel Fast 2000 TD thermal processor, Cyrel Fast 1000 ECLF exposure, light finisher and post exposure unit along with Cyrel Easy flexographic printing plate. The manufacturer will run this workflow live for a first-hand customer experience. This equipment will be used for processing Cyrel Easy plates – with inbuilt flat-top dots. All plates will be exposed on the Esko XPS system.

Esko | Stand E10b
Labels Connected is Esko’s theme. Arnab Maiti of Esko says, “Today’s label converters face the key challenges of producing large volumes of high quality, short run jobs with quicker deadlines. This creates lead-time pressure and complex workflows supporting the need for greater efficiencies.” Addressing these challenges, requires automation and that will be demonstrated at Esko’s stand. The Automation Engine QuickStart for labels optimises printing and allows to ramp-up pre-press productivity. The Studio and Store Visualizer help designers create better artwork and hyper-realistic 3D mockups for presentation and proofing. The native PDF editor ArtPro+  with new features simplify pre-press editing. In addition to all this, Esko’s CDI Crystal XPS 4835 digital flexo imager and exposure system will also demonstrate how to streamline production.

Kodak  |  Stand J20
Kodak’s three-point agenda at the show is Flexcel NX technology, Prinergy Suite and Prinergy Cloud, and Kodak Prosper S-Series Imprinting Systems. The Flexcel NX system has achieved 27 installations in the country. On the workflow front, Kodak will demonstrate Prinergy Workflow suite, especially the recently introduced Cloud solution, which offers a host of new services such as decision analytics, ink and plate usage and dynamic print planning. According to Kodak, there are over 500 users of Kodak Prinergy in India. Kodak will also showcase print samples from across the world of how its customers are using Kodak Prosper Imprinting systems for deriving more value from their hybrid packaging production environments. It enables adding a host of variable data print applications including Imprint barcoding, localisation, bi-lingual versioning and special offers and couponing to packaging. Read the 16-page Kodak Special accompanying the November issue of PrintWeek India.

Toyo Corporation | Stand N19
With a tagline of – high production speed, eco-friendly, high quality, Toyo Corporation will showcase ReafLex, a water washable flexo plate. Water washable flexo plates reduce the production time of flexo making process thanks to the speedy drying time comparing to solvent flexo plate. Also, it will save cost of recycling or wasting the solvent as well as not damaging the environment because it will be washed by water not by solvent. Finally, Toyo says, its plates are operator-friendly because it doesn't have strong odour during platemaking. Toyo ReafLex plates are available in different thickness (1.14, 1.70, 2.84 mm) and hardness (soft, medium, hard).