Labelexpo Europe 2022: GSE to showcase new ink dispensing system

At Labelexpo Europe 2022, scheduled for 26-29 April, GSE will introduce new flexibility to its range of Colorsat ink dispensing systems that achieve brand spot colours accurately and fast, for labels and packaging. The company will extend its GSE ink manager software package, with new functionality for managing colour and optimising ink logistics.

28 Feb 2022 | By Rahul Kumar

The Colorsat ink dispensing system features redesigned backbone

The company’s Colorsat ink dispensing systems feature a redesigned, lightweight slim frame for base components. This provides more space for pumps, agitators and heaters, in order to optimally maintain sensitive inks that are connected to the dispenser.

Maarten Hummelen, marketing director, GSE, said, “The improved modular design of the Colorsat dispenser backbone enables printers to adapt the ink kitchen to meet changing requirements, such as reformulations or a transition to a new ink set, with minimal disruption.”

Additionally, ink pumps are located separately from the base ink containers. This enables easier container exchange, ideal for traceability purposes. It also allows the choice of larger ½- or ¾-inches pumps for pumping and circulating high-viscosity inks or larger volumes. Complementing the enhancement to the dispensing programme are new optional wireless and QR code scanners, for conveniently booking in base inks from the ink manufacturer as well as inks returning from the press.

GSE’s programme of automated Colorsat ink dispensers cut out waste, errors and delay in colour preparation, potentially cutting ink consumption by up to 30%. They are tailored to volume and application needs, and are available for UV, LED-UV, low-migration, water-based and solvent ink sets, and flexo, gravure and screen processes.

GSE will also introduce extensions to the GSE ink manager, a software package with multiple programmes that streamline ink-related processes in the workflow — saving costs, improving responsiveness and enabling compliance in safety-sensitive markets. A modular software package, GSE ink manager includes optional programmes for efficiently reusing press return inks, making colour corrections and adjustments, purchasing, and tracing ink batches through the supply chain. Additionally, reporting programmes allow real-time stock control and job costs.

At the show, GSE will highlight GSE ink manager’s ability to integrate with other software packages used for managing the printer’s workflow, saving time and eliminating double-entry.

Hummelen added, “In the face of rising raw material prices, political instability and disrupted supply chains, it is paramount that label and packaging converters make internal processes as efficient and flexible as possible. GSE’s modular ink dispensing and software solutions address these challenges, stamping out waste and delay through automating processes — leading to reduced ink consumption and more production time.”