Labelexpo Europe 2019: Pantec introduces new Rhino E embellishment kit

Pantec demonstrated the embellishment capabilities of its Swift rotary system and the new Rhino E, which Pantec’s head of sales Rene Abacherli, said, was designed for short runs.

27 Sep 2019 | By Noel D'Cunha & Noel D'Cunha

Abacherli: showcasing holographic effect on the label

“Brands use labels as a communication tool when they are selling a product, because the label communicates on the shelf, the value of the product. Also, this gives them the opportunity to talk directly to the consumer,” Abacherli.

On the new Rhino E flatbed kit, Pantec has restricted the stroke frequency to 18,000 per hour, so as to make the kit lighter and leaner. “This stroke frequency still allows a web speed of up to 85 m/min, depending on the design, a speed which has been accepted for short runs,” said Abacherli.

The tooling cassette of the Rhino E has been designed to accommodate frequent tool changes required for performing short runs. “There is no need to cut the foil or the substrate when changing the tooling,” added Abacherli.

The Swift is a bigger rotary system used to place 3D spatial images or lenses onto the label. It replaces the unwind and rewind of a conventional hot foil unit. “It can place up to 20 single images per second, which results in a web speed of up to 120 m/min,” explained Abacherli.

Abacherli demonstrated the Swift’s placement of 20 images,  as well as a quick changeover of the dies on the Rhino E.

“Simple hot-foiling or embossing have become a common embellishment feature for high value products like wine and spirits, for many years. When we speak to a brand head, we find that they are frequently talking about multi-foiling, high relief 3D embossing or a combination of fine lines with large foiling areas,” said Abacherli, adding, “A dedicated embellishment system that doesn't slow down the printing process and save as much foil as possible is the answer the brands demands.