Labelexpo Europe 2019: Orange O Tec to represent Hanglory Group in India

Surat-based Orange O Tec, provider of digital textile printers, sublimation printers, software, cutting machines, printing inks, sublimation papers and others inks agreement with China-based Hanglory Group to represent its digital label printing press in India. The contract regarding this was finalised during Labelexpo Europe 2019.

27 Sep 2019 | By Rahul Kumar

(l-r) Johnson Lai, overseas sales director, Hanglobal and Aayush Rathi of Orange O Tec

Aayush Rahti, director, Oragne O Tec, said “We want to establish our organisation as a place where a printer can get products for most of his digital requirements. We are already in wide-format printing. We met Hanglroy Group during PackPlus 2019 and we finalised the contract here.”

He said label printing is one of the growing segments globally and is dominated by offset and flexo industries but now label convertors are considering digital printing technology as well because runs are going down and personalised labels are in demand. Though digital printing presses for label production will take time, it is the future and we want to serve it at best.

Presently Hanglobal has the Hanglobal Labstar 330 industrial inkjet digital label press and eight printing presses which are functioning, globally. Hanglobal is a strong player in corrugation, as well.

Hanglobal Labstar 330 runs at maximum speed of 50-m/m, printing width is 330-mm and consumes 50-kw of power.

In total, the company has installed more than 200 machines in different segments.

The basic configuration of the machine consists of unwind and rewind with pneumatic reel lift, dancing rollers, web guide with splicing table, corona unit, UV curing with servo driven chill roller, automatic cleaning of printing heads and others.