Labelexpo 2023: Durst launches Hawk Eye technology

During Labelexpo Europe 2023, held on 11-14 September, Durst Group unveiled full details of a new innovative technology that utilises computer vision and artificial intelligence to take high-quality label production to another level. On its stand at Labelexpo in Brussels, the manufacturer of digital printing and production technologies demonstrated the Durst Hawk Eye system which is designed to assist operators and automate print quality.

12 Sep 2023 | By Rahul Kumar

Durst Hawk Eye includes a scanner system, workstation and touchscreen monitor

In addition, it significantly reduces set-up time and waste, resulting in enhanced efficiency and a more competitive total cost of ownership for the Tau RSC platform printers.

Durst Hawk Eye includes a scanner system, workstation and touchscreen monitor. It corrects print mistakes, such as missing nozzles, inline and in real-time. In the rare event of a printhead nozzle malfunctioning, in-built artificial intelligence systems automatically detect and localise any problems without any speed reduction. Neighbouring nozzles then compensate with larger drops to ensure that outstanding print quality is maintained. Operators do not need to complete any set-up and there is no need to print a special test pattern.

Other announcements by Durst at Labelexpo include important ink developments. It is expanding the Tau RSC ink portfolio with the new Tau RSC LED inks. The new ink set, available in CMYK, with optional orange, violet, green and white, is increasing the attractiveness of the Tau RSC press portfolio. By significantly reducing the energy consumption during the operation and by eliminating frequent UV bulb and reflector changes, the overall TCO of the Tau RSC presses to become even more attractive. The new Tau RSC LED ink combines the excellent print quality and performance of the existing Tau RSC UV ink with Durst Group’s roadmap towards a more sustainable printing industry. It provides reduced energy consumption and a reduction in consumable cost and maintenance time. This results in economic benefits for customers and a reduced ecological footprint. The vivid inks create a huge color space allowing to precisely reproduce important brand colours.

Durst has also unveiled the new Tau RSC UV Ink 3 high-speed UV inks, formulated without the need for TPO photoinitiator.

Durst’s software label ecosystem also features prominently on the Durst stand. Tau printers are equipped with Durst Workflow Label, pre-press and production software, and Durst Analytics, the analytics and monitoring tool, to make the printer a production unit from day one. All Durst software solutions are modular and can be easily managed through a web-based user interface. A browser-based VDP editor for creating and managing variable data is available in the workflow.

The show also provides the platform for Durst Group to show live running of the Tau 510 RSCi single pass press, which is equipped with new automation features. The press on its stand is equipped with the powerful double white feature, allowing excellent opacity white ink printing at 80-m/min.

“Our team of experts are on hand at Labelexpo to provide personalised demonstrations, answer questions and discuss how our solutions can revolutionize customers’ printing operations,” said Martin Leitner, product manager of Durst Group. “The Durst Hawk Eye is a game-changer for the digital printing industry. This technology will greatly increase productivity and efficiency, but, more importantly, it will reduce waste and the carbon footprint of our customers. We are thrilled to introduce this innovative solution to the market and provide exclusive information during Labelexpo.”